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Introduction to statistics and multivariate analysis with XLSTAT-Basic+

Interested in the most commonly used statistical methods? This course is for anyone who needs to learn the basics of statistical methods with XLSTAT Basic+.


5 days




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This course covers the most commonly used data analysis methods in a wide variety of fields, including research, biostatistics, marketing, sensometrics, finance and industry. The methods are illustrated with numerous examples and implemented in XLSTAT Basic+, with an in-depth interpretation of the results. Participants will have time to practice on real data provided by the instructor. At the end of the course, participants should be able to quickly find and implement appropriate statistical methods to answer their own data-related questions using XLSTAT Basic+.

Main topics covered in this training:

  • Descriptive statistics
  • Exploratory statistics
  • Statistical tests
  • Statistical modeling 
  • Machine learning

Required experience:

Trainees must have:

  • Basic experience using Microsoft Excel



  • A few definitions: individuals, variables, sample, population
  • Preparation of a dataset for analysis

Univariate, and bivariate descriptive statistics

  • Quantitative variables: mean, standard deviation, variance, median, quartiles, histograms, box plots, scatter plots
  • Categorical variables: sorting, mode, bar chart, crosstabs

Multivariate exploratory statistics

  • Reducing dimensionality: Principal Component Analysis, Correspondence Analysis
  • Clustering data: Hierarchical Ascending Classification, k-means

Statistical tests

  • Null hypothesis significance testing & p-values
  • Parametric vs. non-parametric tests
  • Comparison & association tests

Statistical modeling

  • Linear regression 
  • One-way ANOVA and multiple comparisons 
  • 2-way ANOVA

Machine learning

  • Introduction to supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning


Jean-Paul Maalouf


Jean-Paul Maalouf は、2014年からAddinsoftのシニア統計コンサルタントです。彼は生物学のPhD を保持し、2012年から統計学の指導に集中しており、かなりの経験を持ちます。彼のトレーニングの受講者には、フランスの主要な研究機関(INRA, CNRS, INSERM, CIRAD, 複数の大学)および世界中の民間企業が含まれます。 彼の指導法は、数学的というよりも統計ツールの概念的な説明に頼ります。必ずしも数学の経験を持たないユーザー、使用方法を素早く習得したいユーザーにとって、統計がとてもわかりやすくなります。