Data visualization made simple.

ZENPLOT®, the data visualization software dedicated to advanced graphics.

ZENPLOT®, developed by Addinsoft is a data visualization software which allows you to create various charts. It is possible to import one or several datasets and create your own visualizations by stacking different graphic layers. 8 graphic layers are available:

  • Scatter Plot
  • Line Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Heatmap/2D Surface
  • Area Chart
  • Histogram
  • Labels
  • Annotations

The combination of these different layers, associated with axes and legend customization, considerably increases the number of possible visualizations.  The data can be linked to any characteristic of the different layers (color, shapes, etc.).

The user can also annotate the visualizations with image(s), text(s) or shape(s) through a user-friendly interface. Each chart can be exported in .PNG or .SVG formats. 

ZENPLOT® comes with different themes that will allow you to customize your visualizations very fast.

Available on  PC and  Mac.

Discover several tutorials to learn how to use ZENPLOT®.

Visualisation 1_20210112180031.png
area chart.png

Tutorials for zenplot

Win7, Win8, Win10
Mac OS X
≥ 10.10

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