Trainings & Webinars

Addinsoft organizes public (inter-company) and private (intra-company) sessions for all levels. You can register to one of our scheduled courses or contact us for a customized training course. All of our courses are available in virtual classrooms.

All of our XLSTAT instructors

Iván Méndez

Webinar Speaker - CEO of MBSense


Food Engineer from USB Mexico, Master's student from the “Universidade Federal de Pelotas”, Brazil. He has more than 27 years of experience as a consultant in applied sensory and statistical evaluation methodologies in quality control, product development, innovation, and consumer studies. Active professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico for more than 15 years. CEO and founder of the sensory consulting company MBSense.

Jean-Paul Maalouf

Senior statistics consultant


Jean-Paul Maalouf is a senior statistics consultant who joined the Addinsoft team in 2014. He holds a PhD in biology and has extensive experience in teaching statistics, which he has been doing intensively since 2012. He has taught at the largest French research institutions (INRA, CNRS, INSERM, CIRAD, several universities), as well as at private companies around the world. His teaching methods are based on a conceptual approach and are more focused on concrete examples than on the explanation of complex mathematical formulas. The concepts are thus easily grasped by people who do not necessarily have a background in mathematics but wish to become quickly operational in the field of data analysis.

Amaury Labenne

Senior consultant in statistics


Senior consultant in statistics, Amaury Labenne holds a PhD in applied mathematics. While writing his doctoral thesis on dimension reduction methods, he taught statistics and their uses at university. In 2016, Amaury joined the Addinsoft R&D team, of which he was then in charge until 2020. He participated to the development and improvement of XLSTAT major statistical features. Amaury Labenne is now a senior data scientist consultant. He also provides training on data analysis and statistics. Very pedagogical, he knows how to adapt his courses to his audience. He favors teaching methods based on examples and real business applications rather than on theoretical and mathematical explanations.

Damien Brémaud

Independent sensometrics consultant


After working as a statistician in a service company and then as head of scientific calculation for L'Oréal R&I, Damien Brémaud is now an independent sensometrics consultant.
He holds a master's degree in econometrics and has nearly 20 years of experience in sensometrics, during which he has provided numerous training courses in applied statistics to private companies (from SMEs to large groups) in food, cosmetics, transport, optics, tobacco, sports and more…
He is a member of the Board of Directors of the SFAS (French Society of Sensory Analysis) and the SFdS (French Society of Statistics) for the Agro-Industry group. He is also a lecturer for the "Sensory and Innovation in Food" master's at the University of Tours..

Eric Teillet

Statistics Instructor

Eric Teillet.png

Eric has a PhD in sensometry/consometry and is a former lecturer in statistics (AgroParisTech, Massy). He has retained his passion for sharing knowledge from that time and still speaks in many companies, universities and engineering schools. As co-director and scientific director of SensoStat, Eric now shares his 10 years of experience serving companies. Through personalized training sessions, he offers you the opportunity to learn how to use XLSTAT's various features to meet your sensory analysis/consumer testing needs.

Thalia Anagnostou

Webinar Speaker


After experiencing the challenges and needs of data analyst’s role in various fields and countries, Thalia Anagnostou, Chief Customer Officer at Addinsoft, has been in charge of technical support and pedagogical content creation for XLSTAT and other data software solutions. With a user centric approach, Thalia Anagnostou teaches how to leverage XLSTAT functionalities for any statistical project.

Valentin Bartkowiak

Webinar Speaker


Valentin is a passionate member of our team who holds a Master’s degree in Statistics and joined us in 2021. He started as a statistics developer and has been involved in improving and developing various statistical features. Now he also helps create statistical content and hosts webinars to show you how to easily analyze your data with XLSTAT.

Pablo Méndez

Webinar Speaker


As director of customer support at MBSense, Pablo creates statistical content and organizes webinars. He has a master’s degree in neuromarketing and is a food engineer. Thanks to his experience in product development, quality and sensory evaluation, Pablo can explain in a customer-oriented way and guide you step by step through the topic using and demonstrating the XLSTAT features.

Dr. Shaoyang Wang


Dr. Shaoyang Wang is a sensory scientist who has been working with wine and a variety of food/beverage systems since his undergraduate. Shaoyang has over 4 years of experience in implementing cutting-edge applied statistics using XLSTAT and R. In early 2021, Shaoyang started a freelancer role at Addinsoft as an XLSTAT training consultant. Shaoyang’s main training scopes include sensory fundamentals, visualizing sensory data, multivariate analyses, and statistical modeling. Shaoyang has successfully delivered a number of customized courses, workshops, and one-off consulting programs online and in-person, both internationally and domestically in Australia.