Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about XLSTAT

Trial Version

  • Yes, you can download our 14-Day trial version from our website. Our trial is equivalent to our XLSTAT-Premium solution and includes the 3D Plot and LatentClass options. The trial version cannot be renewed or extended and begins when you activate your license key.

  • The trial version is valid for 14 days and starts when you enter your license key in XLSTAT. Trial periods cannot be renewed or extended. Download our trial version.

  • Our trial version encompasses all XLSTAT solutions and options, or more than 250 features. Download our trial version and start using XLSTAT.

  • No, when you register to download our trial version, we will not ask you for any credit card details and will therefore not charge you once your trial version expires.

    If you wish to continue using XLSTAT once your trial has ended, you will need to order a license key.

    If you do not want to use our software anymore, just uninstall it. Please note that once the trial period is over, you will automatically switch to our free version which includes a limited number of basic features and will continue running indefinitely.


  • Yes, special rates are available for all full-time students. Discover our offers.

    In order to validate your order and issue you your license key, you will need to send us proof of your student status: an official document (e.g. a student ID, college transcript or admission letter) with your name and a date on it.

  • Yes, we offer all faculty members and researchers affiliated with an academic or research institution, preferential rates. Discover our offers.

    A proof of your academic affiliation may be requested.

Order & delivery

  • Please upload or send us any official document that clearly shows you are currently enrolled as a full-time student. We will accept student IDs, college transcripts, class schedules, tuition payments, admission letters, etc. All documents provided must list your first and last name and be dated.

  • Your license key will be sent to you once we've received your proof of your student status. If you've already submitted it, please check your spam folder for an email from us.

    Please note that student licenses are issued from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm CEST. Please contact our sales department if you need assistance.

  • You can generate a personalized quote on our website's order page. To do so, simply go on the "Pricing" page, select the solution of your choice and click on the "order" button. Then enter the quantity you would like to order, the options you would like and fill in your billing details (please note that at this stage of the process you will not be required to enter a credit card number). Once these steps completed, just click on the "get a quote" button at the bottom of the page. This will generate your quote in PDF format which you can either download or send to your email.

    Please contact our sales department if you need assistance.

  • You can order one or more licenses directly on our website. Purchase orders, on the other hand, should be sent to our sales team.

  • Yes, you can order a license even if you are not the intended user. When ordering on our website, simply uncheck "the Recipient or Licensee is the same as the Purchaser" checkbox located below the "billing details" field. Then fill in the end user information (shipping address) and proceed to validate your order.

  • Payment can be made by credit card for orders placed directly online. Quotes can be paid by wire transfer using the bank details that appear on your quotation.

  • If you are late with your payment, you will receive up to three successive reminder emails before our accounting department contacts you. Once these steps taken and if we still do not receive payment for your order, we will have no other choice than to suspend your license and send your account to a collection agency.

  • All orders paid by credit card are delivered within a maximum time frame of 24 hours. Orders paid by wire transfer will be delivered once payment is received (usually within 2-3 days).

    If you don't receive your key within the above timespan, please contact our sales team.

  • Once your order placed, an invoice will automatically be issued and sent to your email.

  • LatentClass and/or 3D Plot are not standalone products. To run any of these two product options, you will first need to order one of our solutions.

  • If you want to add an option to an existing license, please contact our sales department and specify the license key number to which you'd like to add the option.


  • All standard annual licenses whether intended for students, academics, or companies are single-user licenses. In other words, each license is issued to a given user and computer.

    We also offer other types of company and academic licenses (network, multi-user, classroom and campus). If you are interested in these alternate licensing options, please contact our sales department for a quote.

  • Yes, concurrent /network licenses are available starting from 5 users onwards. Contact our sales department to get a quote.

  • We offer 3 different types of Campus licenses:

    • Classroom licenses for up to 50 workstations, which require one installation per workstation.
    • Small Campus licenses for up to 250 workstations, which can be installed either on each workstation or on a network.
    • Large Campus licenses for up to 500 workstations and that can be installed on either individual workstations or in a network environment.

    For more details on how to activate your XLSTAT Campus license, please see this tutorial.

  • Only Small and Large Campus licenses can be installed on a network. Classroom licenses must be installed individually.

  • Yes, you can change solutions at any time by simply paying for the difference between the two products. To do so, just send an e-mail to our sales team specifying the new solution you'd like and we will send you payment instructions. Compare our features by solution.

  • XLSTAT licenses are valid for 12 months. Once expired, Academic and Company licenses ordered via our website and paid for by credit card, will renew automatically.

    Student licenses and all other licenses paid for by wire transfer must be renewed online or by contacting our sales team.

  • Automatic renewals are applied to all orders placed online.  License owners will receive an email notification from us before their license is set to expire asking them to confirm or decline the automatic renewal of their license. If they do not answer, the license will be renewed automatically, and the related credit card charged accordingly.

    The automatic renewal is only available for company/private and academic licenses. If you are a student and wish to renew your license, you will need to order a new one.

  • If you do not want the automatic renewal option to apply to your license, please contact our sales team to opt-out of the program. We will then cancel your auto-renewal and your credit card will not be charged other than for the initial amount of your purchase.

  • Because perpetual licenses have been discontinued since August 2019, we no longer offer maintenance or updates for these licenses. If you own a perpetual license, please contact our sales team so that we can offer you a licensing alternative.

  • To find out when your license will expire, please log in to your MyXLSTAT account. You can also view your license's expiration date by going to the XLSTAT menu and selecting "About XLSTAT" where the properties of your license will appear.



  • This information can be found in your MyXSLTAT account, where you will also be able to remotely deactivate any license.

  • Make sure you have downloaded and installed our latest software version for either Windows or Mac. You will then see the button appear and be able to activate your license key by clicking on the XLSTAT menu located in the top-left corner. Then click on the "Activate my license" option. If you need further instructions, a tutorial is available on our help center.

  • All our licenses are valid for a year from their date of purchase. If your license no longer works, please download our latest version and enter your license key code. If the problem persists, please contact our technical support team.

  • You may deactivate your license remotely by logging into your MyXLSTAT account. If you do not have a MyXLSTAT account, you may create one or contact our technical support team for help.

  • If you've reached your maximum allowed number of activations, several options are available to you:

    • Deactivate your license on any of the computers it is already installed on. Then proceed to download the lastest version of XLSTAT on your new workstation and enter your license key. If you no longer have access to the computer on which you would like to remove your license, you may deactivate it remotely by logging onto your MyXLSTAT account or by contacting our support team.
    • If you do not want to deactivate your license on any of the computers it is installed on, please contact our sales team to request a quote for an additional activation.

  • In order to transfer an XLSTAT license to another computer, please follow this procedure:

    1. Deactivate the license key on your current computer via the About XLSTAT button in the XLSTAT menu. 

    2. Download and install the latest version you have free access.

    3. Once XLSTAT is installed, you will be prompted to activate your license key. Otherwise, please go to About XLSTAT, then click on 'Activate your license'. 

    If you need further help to activate your license, you may refer to this tutorial.


  • Addinsoft organizes training sessions for consulting firms and industry groups. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a training session tailored to your needs by filling out our form.


  • You can access MyXLSTAT by going to this link:

    If you are not connected yet, you will have the choice between logging in to your MyXLSTAT account or registering a new account.

  • Yes, the use of the MyXLSTAT interface is free, but the aim of MyXLSTAT is to manage your licenses, which require a subscription.

  • XLSTAT is our data analysis and statistics software integrated in Microsoft Excel.

    MyXLSTAT is a user interface which offers you a better experience with a complete overview of your licenses and seats, as well as improved management tools for more flexibility. It allows you to create a MyXLSTAT account, which you can then use in XLSTAT, by logging in and out, to activate or deactivate your license.

  • If your MyXLSTAT account was created before the 17th of August 2022, it means that your account is from the old platform, you must register a new account from the new MyXLSTAT website.

    Otherwise, you can contact our support to give us more detail about your issue.

  • Please check if you received the email in your spam. If you do not receive the code or if it takes too long, you can click on Resend code from the Request password reset window.

    You can contact our support if you are still blocked.