Give your data perspective. Visualize it in 3D.

The XLSTAT 3DPlot Option (only for Windows OS)

XLSTAT 3DPlot is an indispensable addition to our statistical analysis software suite. It facilitates the visualization of your data by using informative three-dimensional charts. XLSTAT 3DPlot also offers impressive color and graphic capabilities guaranteed to make your presentations memorable.

Visualisation in three dimensions (3-D)

It is always possible to represent more than two variables in a 2-D graphic. You can do that by playing with the color, shape and size of the elements you represent in a 2-D space. However, it will be more visual to add a third dimension. Simple bar plots or scatter plots gain in depth when adding a third dimension. The addition of another dimension to a plot also enables you to access new types of plot such as response surfaces. Surface plots are very useful in the context of design of experiment.

What XLSTAT 3DPlot can do

XLSTAT 3DPlot enables displaying data in 3-D plots with an intuitive interface loading the data directly from Excel, simply by clicking on an icon in the XLSTAT toolbar.

Available plots:

  • Scatter plot (2- and 3-D)
  • Bar plot (2- and 3-D)
  • Line plot
  • Surface plot
  • Trellis plot
  • Heat map
  • Tile map

It is also possible to shoot a movie of your plots. This way you can record rotations and zooms of your graphics to enlight properties and make stricking presentation of your data.


Tutorials for 3D-Plot

3D plot in Excel tutorial

Save a 3D model to reuse it later or on other data

Correspondence Analysis from raw data with 3D charts

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