Trainings & Webinars

Addinsoft organizes training sessions that allow you to refresh your knowledge in statistics and data analysis while enabling you to master XLSTAT.We provide course material that gives you an overview of, and detailed information on, each studied method. In addition, our courses are based around real life case studies so that participants have a hands-on approach to data and the XLSTAT software. We provide both general public courses and on-site or online tailored courses.


Hands on Sensory Statistics Course, New York Oct 2-4 2019

This course forms a hands-on introduction to those statistical methods needed by a sensory scientist.

Statistics & Multivariate Analysis with XLSTAT-Base, Bordeaux 9-11 Oct 2019

Learn the basics of descriptive statistics, multivariate data analysis, tests and modeling with XLSTAT-Base

Hands on Consumer Driven Product Optimization, Milan (IT) Oct. 23-25 2019

Three one-day workshops designed to give you the knowledge practice and tools to analyse consumer test data and to optimise the sensory properties of foods, beverages, personal products.

Tailored courses

Addinsoft conducts on-site trainings

Trainers' profiles

Michel Tenenhaus

Michel Tenenhaus has been Professor of Statistics at HEC Paris from 1973 to 2009. His main researches are concerned with multivariate data analysis: optimal scaling methods for categorical variables, PLS regression and PLS path modelling. He has published many papers in scientific journals and three books: Méthodes Statistiques en Gestion (Dunod, 1994), La régression PLS : théorie et applications (Technip, 1998) and Statistique : Méthodes pour décrire, expliquer et prévoir (Dunod, 2007). Michel Tenenhaus is also consultant for industrial companies. He has been chairman of PLS’99 at Jouy-en-Josas and PLS’09 in Beijing, and co-chairman of the following symposia PLS’01 at Anacapri, PLS’03 at Lisbon, and PLS’05 at Barcelona.
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Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi

Vincenzo ESPOSITO VINZI has a Ph.D. in Computational Statistics and is now Full Professor of Statistics at ESSEC Business School of Paris. Vincenzo is also the President-Elect of the International Society for Business and Industrial Statistics and the Chairman-Elect of the European Board of Directors of the International Association for Statistical Computing. His research includes among others multivariate statistics, structural equation modelling, PLS regression and path modelling, with business oriented applications. Vincenzo has delivered many invited lectures and organized sessions on PLS and related methods during international events. He has also been chairing International conferences and co-editing several conference proceedings and special issues of international journals on PLS methods. Vincenzo is an Associate Editor of Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, Advances in Data Analysis and Classification, Statistical Methods and Applications and Computational Statistics. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the "Handbook of Partial Least Squares: Concepts, Methods and Applications" published in 2010.
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Wynne Chin

Wynne W. CHIN is Professor in the department of Decision and Information Sciences in the C.T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston. He received his A.B. in Biophysics from U.C. Berkeley, MS in Biomedical/Chemical Engineering from Northwestern University, and an MBA and Ph.D. in Computers and Information Systems from the University of Michigan. Wynne has also taught previously at the University of Calgary, Wayne State University, and the University of Michigan and has been a visiting fellow at the University of Canterbury, Queens University, City University of Hong Kong, and the University of New South Wales. Wynne's research includes sales force automation, IT adoption, outsourcing, acceptance, satisfaction, group cohesion and negotiation, and psychometric modeling issues. Wynne is on the editorial board of Structural Equation Modeling journal, Journal of AIS, Journal of Information Technology, IEEE Transaction of Management. He is also the developer of PLS-Graph, the first graphical based software dating back to 1990 to perform Partial Least Squares analysis.
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Emmanuel Périnel

Emmanuel Périnel is an independent consultant in data analysis and statistics. He received a Ph.D. from the University Paris IX-Dauphine in applied statistics and a DEA in applied mathematics to economics. Emmanuel was also a lecturer at several institutions including the University of Paris Dauphine, the Agrocampus of Rennes, and contracted lecturer at the University of Strasbourg and the University of Haute Alsace, Colmar. His research focuses on discrimination trees and sensory analysis. He has worked as a consultant for many industrials, such as Chanel, Firmenich, Société Générale, and EDF.
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Anne Hasted

Anne is senior consultant at Qi Statistics Ltd, a UK based consultancy offering a full portfolio of statistical support through training, data analysis, project consultancy and software development. She is a chartered statistician with over 25 years of consultancy experience in a wide range of companies. She has run training workshops worldwide and is recognised for providing “user friendly” training.
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Guy Mélard

Professor at the Université libre de Bruxelles

Guy Mélard is Professor at the Université libre de Bruxelles in Belgium and is partner at ‘Innovative Training & Software Expertise’, a company based in Brussels. He is an experienced Statistician specialised in computer statistics and in forecasting and time series analysis. He is the author of various scientific articles in these areas and of several books, among others, ‘Méthodes de prévision à court terme’ which 2nd release has been published in 2007. He teaches time series in a business management program dedicated to master graduates. He participated in many seminars and courses all over the world in both French and English.

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Gemma Hodgson

Consultant at Qi Statistics Ltd

Gemma Hodgson is a statistical consultant at Qi Statistics Ltd, a UK based consultancy offering a full portfolio of statistical support through training, data analysis, project consultancy and software development. She is a chartered statistician with over 15 years of experience in a wide range of roles both with big and small companies. She has run many training workshops with a focus on taking the perceived mystery out of statistics, equipping participants to answer their business questions in a more efficient way.

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Jean-Louis Golmard

PhD, Assistant Professor in biostatistics

Jean-Louis Golmard, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor in biostatistics, Pierre et Marie Curie University (Paris VI)

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Jean-Paul Maalouf

Senior statistics consultant

Jean-Paul Maalouf is a senior statistics consultant working at Addinsoft since 2014. He holds a PhD in biology and has a substantial experience in teaching statistics, an activity he has been intensively practicing since 2012. His training beneficiaries include major French research institutes (INRA, CNRS, INSERM, CIRAD, several universities) as well as private companies around the world. His teaching methods rely on explaining statistical tools conceptually rather than mathematically. Statistics become very easy to understand for the users who do not necessarily have experience in mathematics and need to become operational very quickly.

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Emmanuel Jakobowicz

Founder of Stat4decision

With more than 15 years of experience in data-oriented projects, Emmanuel Jakobowicz is passionate about data science and entrepreneurship. He founded Stat4decision to propose a new way of assisting people in exploring their data. He owns a PhD in applied statistics and computer science. He also is an engineer in mathematics specialized in machine learning. His work experience includes research and development at Electricité de France and software development at Addinsoft XLSTAT where he was a partner, CTO, Chief Scientist, consultant and trainer for large companies, research institutes and universities.

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Kenneth R. Faro

Market researcher & data insights specialist

Kenneth R. Faro (previously, Kenneth R. Cabell) has a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Clark University, where he completed his dissertation on how consumers construct their identities, in part, from the brands they use. Ken uses his education and industry experience to create custom-designed and personalized research programs for brands. He has worked to design and deploy market research for brands across categories, including: QSR, coffee, radio, automotive, CPG, pharmaceutical, streaming services, among others. Ken specializes in using advanced statistical techniques to mine for hidden trends in the data that reveal in-depth consumer insights. He then uses these insights to make strategic data-driven recommendations to help brands grow. Ken is currently a Lead Researcher at Hill Holliday and a Lecturer at Boston University and Emerson College. See more here or contact him at Statistical Specialty: Machine learning, PLS structural equation modeling, latent class analysis.

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Thierry Worch

Project Manager at Qi Statistics

Thierry works as a trainer and consultant in statistics in general as well as in sensory data analysis at Qi Statistics. He previously worked at OP&P Product Research, Utrecht where he was a consultant statistician working in sensory and consumer science. His recent area of research for his PhD was on the validation and analysis of Ideal Profile data. Thierry has published over 20 scientific papers and notes in his field and is fluent in French and English.

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Bertram Schäfer

Founder and CEO of STATCON, Germany

Bertram Schäfer is founder and principal of STATCON (Statistical Consulting) in Witzenhausen, Germany. He has 25 years of statistical consulting experience in different subjects, i.e. Quality Control and R&D. He has a Masters degree in social science from the university of Göttingen and worked as responsible university lecturer for statistics in the agricultural department of the University of Kassel for many years. He still is instructor and author for all statistics related subjects within the German society of Quality (DGQ). His main focus in STATCON is on Design of Exeriments, Statistical Quality Control, six sigma as well as Market Research and Econometrics.

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Sebastian Hoffmeister

Trainer & statistical consultant for STATCON, Germany

Sebastian holds a masters degree in Statistics from the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich. He is an expert in machine learning and multivariate analysis, especially using cluster algorithms. He also focuses on econometrics and forecasting methods. Within STATCON he runs trainings, seminars and interactive webinars for scientists and managers in financial and insurance business as well as in the life science area.

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Boris Kulig

Trainer & statistical consultant for STATCON, Germany

Boris has more than 15 years varied experience in statistical methods and different statistics software covering many scopes of science, especially in biometrics and statistical methods of life and agricultural science. He also has a strong experience in Management and organisational development.

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Hal Macfie

Dr. Hal MacFie is a statistician by training, with an international reputation in the areas of product assessment and consumer research. He is a Visiting Professor at the Universities of Reading and Nottingham and was for 20 years a senior Editor of Food Quality and Preference.

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Damien Brémaud

Senior statistics consultant