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junio 2019

Analyzing climate data from 1850 to 2015 - A White Paper from XLSTAT

This white paper explains how to conduct a complete time series data analysis from descriptive analysis and data visualization to forecasting using the XLSTAT software.

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mayo 2019

XLSTAT version 2019.2

Our new version XLSTAT 2019.2 is now available. What's new?

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abril 2019

XLSTAT at the Experimental Biology conference 2019

XLSTAT will be present at the 2019 Experimental Biology Conference, April 6-9, in Orland, FL.

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enero 2019

XLSTAT at the CSP conference 2019

XLSTAT will be present at the 2019 American Statistical Association Conference on Statistical Practice, February 14-16, in New Orleans, LA.

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XLSTAT version 2019.1

Our new version 2019.1 is now available! What's new? Customer Lifetime Value, Price Elasticity of Demand, STATIS and more!

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