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April 2023

XLSTAT New Version: Unleash Your Data’s Potential within Microsoft Excel!

A new version of XLSTAT is available with advanced features – ensuring that you can unlock the full potential of your data from day one.

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February 2023

Co-Design with Our Users: Analyzing Performance in a CATA Experiment and Further Developing CATATIS with Givaudan

Our R&D and Engineering teams are always working to bring new ergonomic functionalities and innovative statistical tools to XLSTAT. Many of these developed or improved features come from user requests or as a solution to a specific use case. The CATATIS feature is one of them.

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XLSTAT New Version: Understand Emotions Aroused by Text with Sentiment Analysis and Term Selection

A new version of XLSTAT is available! Thanks to a partnership with a large global cosmetic company, we were able to develop the new Sentiment Analysis and Term Selection for Text Mining features.

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