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Yale School of Medicine

As a clinician research scientist I have been using XLSTAT for more than 5 years. With XLSTAT I have been able to do sophisticated analysis of urodynamic data using the fast fourier transforms in the forecasting module which never would have been available to me. Having access to SPSS I find that XLSTAT is easier for me to use and in many instances facilitates the data analysis and presentation better than SPSS, this is especially true when I have to add additional columns of derived data that require complex if commands that are easier for me to do in excel than in the SPSS format. The Life Sciences package includes everything that a clinician scientist would need to analyze data.

Israel Franco, FAAP, FACS, MD Professor of Clinical Urology; Director of Yale-New Haven Children’s Bladder and Continence Program; Director of Yale Medicine Pediatric Bladder & Continence Program, Yale School of Medicine


Great Product! I love how easy it was to use because it really offered a well designed user interface that made it easy to execute on!

Emily Marucci, Hybrid Cloud Portfolio Specialist, IBM, United States

XLSTAT has been a "one-stop" statistical analysis tool for me, a real time-saver, improving my ability to explore complex datasets without hopping around different programs. In less than 5 minutes I can run all kinds of statistical analyses (and try out different approaches) to resolve a specific question [...] I highly recommend it for students as well as more senior researchers. The cost is reasonable if you compare it with the time saved.

Michael A., Professor

XLSTAT is a very useful tool for the treatment of scientific data. It is a more intuitive software than others that I have used, and also offers more graphics options. It is easy to use, and the guidelines are very informative. On the other hand, I would like to comment that the commercial and technical service are excellent, and they offer quick responses and solutions.

Jenifer V., Scientist

XLSTAT est pour moi un outil d'analyse statistique « tout-en-un » et un véritable gain de temps, améliorant ma capacité à explorer des jeux de données complexes sans avoir à passer par différents programmes. En moins de cinq minutes, je peux lancer toutes sortes d'analyses statistiques (et essayer différentes approches) pour résoudre une question spécifique [...] Je le recommande vivement aux étudiants ainsi qu'aux chercheurs plus expérimentés. Le coût est raisonnable comparé au temps gagné.

Michael A., Professeur

XLSTAT ist für mich ein "one-stop" statistisches Analysewerkzeug und ein echter Zeitsparer, der meine Fähigkeit verbessert, komplexe Datensätze zu untersuchen, ohne zwischen verschiedenen Programmen hin und her zu springen. In weniger als 5 Minuten kann ich alle Arten von statistischen Analysen durchführen (und verschiedene Ansätze ausprobieren), um eine spezifische Frage zu lösen [...] Ich empfehle es sowohl für Studenten als auch für erfahrene Forscher. Die Kosten sind angemessen, wenn man sie mit der Zeitersparnis vergleicht.

Michael A., Professor

XLSTAT ha sido para mí una herramienta de análisis estadístico de "ventanilla única", un verdadero ahorro de tiempo, que ha mejorado mi capacidad para explorar conjuntos de datos complejos sin tener que ir saltando por diferentes programas. En menos de 5 minutos puedo ejecutar todo tipo de análisis estadísticos (y probar diferentes enfoques) para resolver una cuestión específica [...] Lo recomiendo encarecidamente tanto a estudiantes como a investigadores más veteranos. El coste es razonable si se compara con el tiempo que se ahorra.

Michael A., Profesor

XLSTATは、私にとって「ワンストップ」の統計解析ツールで、異なるプログラムを飛び回ることなく複雑なデータ集合を探索する能力を向上させ、時間を本当に節約してくれました。5分以内に、特定の問題を解決するために、あらゆる種類の統計解析を実行することができます(そして、さまざまなアプローチを試すことができます)[...] 私は学生だけでなく、より上級の研究者にも強くお薦めします。節約した時間と比較すれば、コストは妥当なものです。

Michael A., 教授

XLSTAT es una herramienta muy útil para el tratamiento de datos científicos. Es un software más intuitivo que otros que he utilizado, y también ofrece más opciones gráficas. Es fácil de usar, y las directrices son muy informativas. Por otro lado, me gustaría comentar que el servicio comercial y técnico son excelentes, y ofrecen respuestas y soluciones rápidas.

Jenifer V., Científica

XLSTAT est un outil très utile pour traiter les données scientifiques. C'est un logiciel plus intuitif que les autres que j'ai pu utiliser, et il offre également plus d'options graphiques. Il est facile à utiliser et les explications sont très informatives. Je tiens par ailleurs à souligner l'excellence du service commercial et du service technique qui offrent des réponses et des solutions rapides.

Jenifer V., Chercheuse

XLSTAT ist ein sehr nützliches Werkzeug für die Bearbeitung von wissenschaftlichen Daten. Es ist intuitiver als andere Softwares, die ich verwendet habe, und bietet auch mehr Grafikoptionen. Es ist einfach zu benutzen und die Anleitungen sind sehr informativ. Dazu möchte ich sagen, dass der kommerzielle und technische Service ausgezeichnet ist, da sie schnelle Antworten und Lösungen bietet.

Jenifer V., Wissenschaftlerin


Jenifer V., 科学者

World Bank Group

Ease of use, interpretation of results and accompanying tutorial for easy development of capacity. I used XLSTAT in undertaking the preliminary analysis required for hydrological studies, including, (i) missing data imputation, (ii) trend and homogeneity test, (iii) outlier test and (iv) autocorrelation. The processess where easy and step-wise, compared to other tools that required mastering of coding languaged and data processing in particular formats. It saved me a great deal of time in my Thesis development.

Ekeu-wei Iguniwari, Ph.D, Environment and Natural Resources Consultant, World Bank Group, Nigeria

Memorial University of Newfoundland

As a researcher/full professor, XLSTAT Premium version has allowed me to add both multivariate, univariate and OMICS statistical analysis to my research. XLSTAT is a user-friendly statistical software, intuitive as MsExcel but with a high-quality statistical output. We use XLSTAT premium routinely for all our data analysis and we highly recommend it to anyone in any field

Thomas Dr. Raymond, Researcher professor Environmental Science, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

Maersk Group

Superb. Its quite easy to use and understand to apply on practical problems.

Aamir Sood, Engineer, Maersk Group, Denmark

Lewis Katz School of Medicin, Temple University

As an assistant professor of medicine, I am always trying to develop new research projects. I recently discovered XLSTAT Biomed. The user interface is as intuitive as any Excel functions, the output is highly functional. I use XLSTAT Biomed and highly recommend it for anyone in the field.

James C. Brown, Assistant Professor Thoracic Medicine and Surgery, Lewis Katz School of Medicin, Temple University, United States


The use of ANOVA in sensory evaluation is one of the most frequent tasks. XLSTAT has the capability to do it in a short time with the options required for the industry. This allows me to invest more time to the conclusions and recommendations of my projects.

Ivan Mendez, Executive Director, MBSense, Mexico


I took my first steps in statistics with XLSTAT at the start of my career. Having a software that integrates directly into Excel is extremely helpful as it avoids the tedious work of having to import and export data from a spreadsheet Furthermore, the XLSTAT online intuitive tutorials allow users to quickly master the software.

Régis Renard, Vascular Surgeon, APHP, France

Thomas college

I use XLSTAT extensively in my classes to teach inferential statistics. I have been using XLSTAT for many years for various applications, from economics to social studies, education, experimental psychology, marketing, etc. My students can choose data sets and perform statistical procedures easily with a few clicks.

Andres Morales, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Thomas college, United States

University of North Florida (UNF)

I can’t believe how easy it is to use XLSTAT as statistical software with complicated data sets that are prepared in EXCEL. The software is robust and intuitive in terms of the types of and ease of use in the various data analyses you can run. The technical support I received was professional and they stayed with me until we discovered the problem that I had caused.

Thomas Serwatka, Professor emeritus, University of North Florida (UNF), United States

Montpellier Business School

XLSTAT has been supporting my research projects for the past 5 years. I enjoy working with the software and the XLSTAT support team, always on hand to quickly answer my technical and statistical questions.

Paul Chiambaretto, Professor of Marketing and Strategy, Montpellier Business School, France

University of Lyon 1, Laboratory of the ecology of natural and anthropised hydrosystems (LEHNA)

XLSTAT 3D-Plot is an essential tool for my research on fossil plants. The diagrams and 3D presentations help me and my colleagues abroad to illustrate our findings in scientific journals and publications.

Gaëtan Guignard, Researcher professor, University of Lyon 1, Laboratory of the ecology of natural and anthropised hydrosystems (LEHNA), France

Institute of Research for Development (IRD)

XLSTAT helps me with my research on infectious diseases by producing ROC curves to determine the sensitivity, specificity and accuracy of a new test. Discover the explanatory article: https://doi.org/10.1128/JCM.01979-16

Ayouba Ahidjo, Researcher, Institute of Research for Development (IRD), France

UNIR – International University of La Rioja

The XLSTAT software has become an essential tool for the statistics courses I teach. It includes all the functionalities and methods I cover during my classes, and because it runs on top of Microsoft Excel, it allows my students to work in an environment they are already familiar with. As I tell my students at the beginning of each semester: In the 21st century software has become a fundamental component of teaching and learning, and as students they should take full advantage of the discounted rates they have access to in order to familiarize themselves with the best programs.

Repiso Rafael, Doctor in Documentation, professor and creator of scientific models for research in Advertising, Journalism and Audiovisual Communication, UNIR – International University of La Rioja, Spain

Association of Emeritus Professors of Federico Il University

In my long career, I have never used a software that satisfied so well both my teaching and research needs. The algorithms are high-performing and based on the most recent computational methods. Seamless integration with the R environment greatly extends its potential.

Carlo Lauro, Professor Emeritus of Statistics, Association of Emeritus Professors of Federico Il University, Italy

Functional Ecology and Environment Laboratory (EcoLab)

I have used the ANOVA function in the latest version of XLSTAT (2020.1.1) which is much faster than the previous versions, even on very large datasets. Menus and possibilities have been enriched (also in other functions than ANOVA). This constant updating is really beneficial. All this makes XLSTAT an extremely efficient and quite friendly statistical software.

Éric Chauvet, Senior Scientist, Functional Ecology and Environment Laboratory (EcoLab), France

I began using XLSTAT back in 1995 and have watched the software as it has developed year after year. Its interface is very user-friendly and the XLSTAT support team readily available to answer questions or provide guidance. I work in the field of environmental sciences and XLSTAT allows me to analyze digital, textual, spatial and temporal data with ease and efficiency.

Jean-Paul Ambrosi, Researcher, Centre for Research and Teaching in Environmental Geoscience (CEREGE), France

I have used XLSTAT for years for all my statistical needs. It has helped me with my research and has been an invaluable tool for my department. Time after time, it has proven to be an extremely versatile and reliable tool. The many tutorials XLSTAT offers, make it an excellent statistical software solutioin for a broad range of users, from PhD students to more experienced professionals. Its user-friendly interface that intergrates seamlessly with Excel and wide array of functionalities and methods, provide users with a first-rate instrument for statistical exploration.

Pascal Garaud, Ph.D, Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Tours, France