What is in your Statistical Toolkit? Melbourne, Australia, Feb 22, 2018

What is in your Statistical Toolkit? 1-Day workshop

This one-Day workshop challenges some typical approaches to data analysis and reporting.

This one day workshop challenges some typical approaches to data analysis and reporting. We start by discussing statistical significance: what it means and what it may not mean and encourage greater attention to the size of effects rather than just their statistical significance. This leads us to look at multiple comparison tests - a topic of common concern.

We then consider three of the most widely used mapping techniques and compare and contrast the features they reveal in the data. The day ends with a comparative analysis of classical and partial least squares regression and challenges the concept that ‘complicated is always best’.

There will be short practical workshops using XLSTAT and we hope to send you home with some new ideas and opinions on some widely used tools.

Training program

  • Statistical Significance
  • Visualising products in multivariate space
  • Partial Least Squares



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Melbourne Australie

Profils des formateurs

Anne Hasted

Anne Hasted est consultante senior chez Qi Statistics Ltd, un cabinet de consultants basé au Royaume-Uni qui offre un portefeuille complet de soutien statistique à travers la formation, l'analyse de données, l'accompagnement de projet et le développement de logiciels. Elle est statisticien agréé avec plus de 25 années d'expérience de conseil dans un large éventail d'entreprises. Elle a animé des ateliers de formation dans le monde entier et est reconnu pour fournir des sessions de formation "conviviale".