Dissimilarity matrix for mixed data

Use this tool to measure dissimilarities between objects described by both quantitative and qualitative variables


Gower's distance, also called Gower's coefficient, is an appropriate metric for computing pairwise dissimilarities between observations when different types occur in the same data set (e.g. nominal, ordinal, (a)symmetric binary). The output of this function includes a proximity matrix as well as a network graph in order to quickly visualize dissimilarities between objects.

For data sets with a single data type, you can use the XLSTAT function Similarity/Dissimilarity matrices.

The Dissimilarity matrix for mixed data function implemented in XLSTAT-R calls the daisy function from the cluster package in R (Martin Maechler, Peter Rousseeuw, Anja Struyf, Mia Hubert).

ternary diagramneural network diagram

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