Manage data (DataFlagger, MinMaxSearch, Remove text values in a selection)

XLSTAT provides you with some tools to help you manage your data in Microsoft Excel.


This tool allows you to identify any number of Micorsoft Excel cells - within a selected range - that correspond to the criterion you define. The criterion can be a text, a value or an interval. By highlighting the cells, you can change the color, font size, or select bold or italic format.


Use this tool to quickly locate the minimum or the maximum value in a dataset. If the minimum value is encountered several times, XLSTAT makes a multiple selection of the minimum values enabling you afterwards to browse between them simply using the "Enter" key.

Remove text values in a selection

Use this tool to remove text values in a data set that is expected to contain only numerical data. This tool is useful if you are importing data from a format that generates empty cells with a text format in MS Excel.

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