Sensory wheel

The sensory wheel is a visual representation of the different sensations that can possibly be triggered by a product. Available in Excel with XLSTAT.

What is a sensory wheel?

The sensory wheel tool allows to display on synthetic diagram (donought chart), a list of words or a classification of words used to describe a product. This kind of information could also be presented on a tree diagram, however a split on a tree means a clear alternative, which is not the case here. For example, on a sensory wheel, you can decide that the left part concerns the taste, and the right part the smell, without carrying any idea that pollutes the underanding of the chart: words displayed on the left part concern the taste and words on the right part concern the smell.

The classification should ideally be conceived such that a given word is present only once on the diagram.

Sensory wheel options in XLSTAT

  • Data formats: Two data formats are available - list of words or classification table.
  • Reformat words: This option identifies the repeated words and removes spaces that might be before or after each word.
  • Number of levels: This option controls the number of levels that should be taken into account (for nested wheels).

  • Size with frenquencies: This option adapts the size of the donoughts slices depending on the frequency of each word.

Sensory wheel outputs in XLSTAT

A button preceding the wheel allows to activate or deactivate the chart. When it is active, a simple click on the chart displays a dialog box that makes possible five different actions:

  • Merge two words
  • Move one word after the other
  • Rename a word
  • Align the words with the radius
  • Align the orientation of words perpendicularly to the radius


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