Ternary diagrams

Ternary diagrams are useful to visualize varying proportions of three elements. Draw them in Excel using the XLSTAT add-on statistical software.

When to use Ternary Diagrams?

Ternary Diagrams are a visualization method that is particularly useful in domains where one works with three elements with varying proportions, for example in chemistry or petrology.

This tool lets you quickly create a ternary diagram representing points and the projection lines connecting each point to each axis.

There are two approaches for ternary graphs:

  • Either segments corresponding to the orthogonal projection of the points on the axes give the information on the relative proportions of the three elements. 
  • Or the projection parallel to the axis A onto the axis B corresponds to the coordinate of the point along the axis B, where B is after A when turning counterclockwise. 

XLSTAT currently only allows the second approach.

ternary diagramneural network diagram

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