Plot management

Useful tools to edit your plots in Excel using the XLSTAT software: change point size, labels and colors, plot resizing and transformation...


XLSTAT provides you with tools to help you with customizing your plots.


A great tool for zooming in and out on Excel charts. It's simple and fast.

Easy label

A very simple thing that Excel can't do: plots with labels corresponding to data stored in a third column just on the left of the X values. The format of the labels on the Excel sheet (color, size, ...) can optionally be copied to the chart.

Reposition labels

To change the position of observation labels on a chart.


To modify the size, the color or the shape of the points that are displayed in an Excel chart.

Orthonormal plot

An orthonormal plot is where a unit on the X-axis appears the same size as a unit on the Y-axis. Orthonormal plots avoid interpretation errors due to the effects of dilation or overwriting. This tool adjusts the minimum and maximum of the X- and Y- axes so that the plot becomes orthonormal. This tool is particularly useful if you have enlarged an orthonormal plot produced by XLSTAT (for example after a PCA) and you want to ensure the plot is still orthonormal.

Resize chart

To resize a chart, or a plot area inside a chart.

Plot transformation

This tool allows you to select a plot (chartsheet or chart objet on a sheet) and by indicating the transformations you require, obtain a new plot integrating the three optional transformations requested: symmetry, translation, rotation.

Merge charts

Use this tool to merge multiple plots into one.

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