Choice based conjoint analysis

Choice Based Conjoint analysis is used in marketing to detect important product attributes from choices of product profiles. Run CBC in Excel with XLSTAT.


Principle of choice based conjoint analysis (CBC)

Conjoint analysis is a comprehensive method for the analysis of new products in a competitive environment. This tool allows you to carry out the step of analyzing the results obtained after the collection of responses from a sample of people. It is the fourth step of the analysis, once the attributes have been defined, the design has been generated and the individual responses have been collected.

In the case of CBC models, individuals have to choose between selections of profiles. Thus, a number of choices are given to all individuals (we will select a product from a number of products generated).

Analysis of these choices is made using a multinomial logit model based on a specific conditional logit model. For more details see the help on the conditional logit model.

Results of a choice based conjoint analysis

As part of the choice based conjoint analysis and differently from full profile conjoint analysis, we obtain aggregate utilities, that is to say, one utility for each category of each variable associated with all the individuals. It is impossible to make classifications based on the individuals.

XLSTAT-Conjoint analysis software proposes to include a segmentation variable that will build separate models for each group defined by the variable. In addition to utilities, conjoint analysis provides the importance associated with each variable.

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