Hands on Essential Sensory Statistics, 3 days training in Brisbane, Australia


Master several statistical methods used in sensometry, spanning from the basic ANOVA, Clustering and PCA to the more advanced Multiple Factor Analysis, General Procrustes Analysis and PLS regression, using the XLSTAT-Sensory solution

Location: Brisbane, Australia

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Hands on Essential Sensory Statistics, 3 days training

This course covers the analysis of sensory profile data collected from trained sensory or workplace panels. Mainly based around the use of the XLSTAT-Sensory solution, attendees will gain practical experience using real life examples. If you analyze or interpret data of this type this course is for you.




  • Gain analysis skills that you can use straightaway
  • Increase your confidence in your ability to analyze, interpret and report sensory data
  • Master the use of the XLSTAT-Sensory solution
  • Network with colleagues working in similar fields
  • Opportunity for consultancy with an expert in the field

Training program

  • Basic Statistics Refresher
  • Analysis of Sensory Profiling Data to test for product differences. 
  • Further Analysis of Variance
  • Panel Performance 
  • Power and Sensitivity in Sensory Testing
  • Visualizing Products across many attributes
  • Free Choice and Flash Profiling
  • Combining Sensory & Instrumental & Liking Data
  • Cluster Analysis of Products
  • Linking sensory and consumer/analytic data
  • Rapid Methods



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Brisbane Australia

Trainers' profiles

Anne Hasted

Anne is senior consultant at Qi Statistics Ltd, a UK based consultancy offering a full portfolio of statistical support through training, data analysis, project consultancy and software development. She is a chartered statistician with over 25 years of consultancy experience in a wide range of companies. She has run training workshops worldwide and is recognised for providing “user friendly” training.