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Hands on Sensory Statistics Course, Singapore, 10-12 May 2017

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Hands on Sensory Statistics Course, 3 days

Designed to give you the knowledge, practice and the tools to do your own design, analysis and interpretation of sensory data. Hands-on exercises, free XLSTAT software for participants to take away.

This course forms a hands-on introduction to those statistical methods needed by a sensory scientist. Mainly based around the use of XLSTAT software, attendees will gain practical experience using real-life examples and will be able to save their work to take away with free copies of XLSTAT so they will be competent to start using their expertise from day 1 after the course.

The course has been extended to review panel assessment and monitoring software in XLSTAT. We also provide strategies for linking sensory to emotions data and other consumer responses. A section on free choice and flash profiling has been extended to cover repertory grid analysis.


Thierry Worch

Project Manager at Qi Statistics


Thierry works as a trainer and consultant in statistics in general as well as in sensory data analysis at Qi Statistics. He previously worked at OP&P Product Research, Utrecht where he was a consultant statistician working in sensory and consumer science. His recent area of research for his PhD was on the validation and analysis of Ideal Profile data. Thierry has published over 20 scientific papers and notes in his field and is fluent in French and English.

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