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Free short Webinar: Deploying an R procedure in Excel using XLSTAT-R (Feb. 1, 2018)

This is an elearning free session that lasts one hour. No need to step out of your office to attend!

The webinar includes a presentation as well as a 10 minutes long Q&A session.









Deploying an R procedure in Excel using XLSTAT-R (1 hour)

XLSTAT-R is a revolutionary interface designed to use and write R procedures within XLSTAT dialog boxes in Microsoft Excel®. It has two principal audiences: 1) Coders able to write XML and R code to generate XLSTAT dialog boxes calling the R engine from Excel; 2) Statisticians who take advantage of the XLSTAT-R dialog boxes to call R procedures from Excel without needing to code. This webinar is intended for the first audience. It shows how to code an XML template to generate an XLSTAT-R dialog box calling the Partitioning Around Medoids (pam) function from the {cluster} package in R.

The feature is only available on Excel for Windows but a version on Excel for Mac will soon be released.


Basic coding skills (R or XML).


  • What is XLSTAT?
  • What is R?
  • What is XLSTAT-R?
  • Making the pam{cluster} R function available in Excel using XLSTAT-R
    • Writing up the inputs part (XML): designing the dialog box
    • Writing up the intelligence behind (R): calling the pam function
    • Writing up the outputs part (XML): what will be shown in the Excel outputs
    • Adding a chart option (XML / R)


Jean-Paul Maalouf

Senior statistics consultant


Jean-Paul Maalouf is a senior statistics consultant who joined the Addinsoft team in 2014. He holds a PhD in biology and has extensive experience in teaching statistics, which he has been doing intensively since 2012. He has taught at the largest French research institutions (INRA, CNRS, INSERM, CIRAD, several universities), as well as at private companies around the world. His teaching methods are based on a conceptual approach and are more focused on concrete examples than on the explanation of complex mathematical formulas. The concepts are thus easily grasped by people who do not necessarily have a background in mathematics but wish to become quickly operational in the field of data analysis.

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