XLSTAT Pricing

XLSTAT Licenses for corporate and private use

The standard licenses are individual licenses activated for a period of 12 months. This solution offers a very competitive pricing policy among existing software on the market. 

  • The most comprehensive XLSTAT solution, including all features from the Sensory, Forecasting, Life Sciences, Marketing & Quality packages
  • More than 250 essential and advanced statistical features
  • Includes all features from Basic & Machine Learning
  • 120 essential statistical features
  • 100 essential statistical features
  • Preparing, describing, analyzing and modeling data
Applied Solutions
  • The essential solution for those whose job involves quality control and risk analysis
  • More than 150 features, Basic+ completed with SPC methods
  • The most accurate prevision tool in Excel
  • More than 150 features, Basic+ completed with predictive methods
  • The software that will boost your creativity by leveraging your consumer insights easily
  • More than 160 features, Basic+ completed with consumer behaviors & trends analysis specific methods
  • A comprehensive solution for biologists, medical researchers and    environmental researchers
  • More than 170 features, Basic+ completed by Life Sciences Analysis specific methods
  • The solution that gives you in-depth insight into your products and consumers
  • More than 150 essential and advanced features, Basic+ completed with Sensometrics key tools

If you are interested in a network license, please contact our sales team via our contact form.