XLSTAT New Version: Understand Emotions Aroused by Text with Sentiment Analysis and Term Selection

A new version of XLSTAT is available! Thanks to a partnership with a large global cosmetic company, we were able to develop the new Sentiment Analysis and Term Selection for Text Mining features.
Update your XLSTAT now to benefit from new features and new outputs.


Sentiment Analysis

This powerful new feature lets you understand the emotions aroused by a body of text. By identifying opinion, judgement, and emotion in a document, sentiment analysis helps you uncover new insights about products, services, ideas, and more. 
The sentiment analysis feature includes four dictionaries and the ability to set custom scores for words – improving the efficiency of your research. 

Overall emotion frequenciesTerm frequencies

Included in XLSTAT Marketing and XLSTAT Sensory

Term Selection for Text Mining 

With term selection for text mining, you can explain and predict feelings related to a text – helping you dig up meaningful patterns from your unstructured data. This new feature also includes a highlighter tool to easily note the most important words in a document. 

Coefficients corresponding to Optimal Lambda

Included in XLSTAT Marketing and XLSTAT Sensory.

Penalty Analysis

Our penalty analysis feature received improvements including bug fixes, faster calculation times, and an option to handle JAR scales – increasing the efficiency of your sensory data analysis.

Included in XLSTAT Sensory.


Explore your data further with five new sensory data analysis features available in workflows. With more analysis features available to combine, you can conduct a more detailed analysis of your data.

Included in XLSTAT Sensory.


In addition the new features and improved capabilities, the new version of XLSTAT has increased the speed of the display of features interface, upgraded portions of XLSTAT-R, and now centers by default the values in result tables. These improvements are designed with you in mind to enhance your user experience and save you valuable research time.

Included in all licenses.

How to install this update?

This new version will give you access to all the new features mentioned above. The installation of our new version is recommended for all users.

If you are currently using our trial version or if you have a valid XLSTAT license with access to maintenance and upgrades, you can download the new version for free here.

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