Reduce uncertainty with our new forecasting tools: XGBoost and Easy Fit / Easy Predict

A new XLSTAT version is available for our Premium and Forecasting users!


What’s new?

Our new XLSTAT version offers a new feature XGBoost, one of the fastest and most accurate forecasting methods, and new performance indicators in Easy Fit/Easy Predict.

These features have been specifically designed for those who want to build powerful predictive models in just a few clicks, regardless of the type/size of the data.


How do these features work?


Easy Fit / Easy Predict

The Easy Fit / Easy Predict feature allows you to build and compare different predictive models on the same data set.

  • 4 new methods: In addition to linear regression, random forest, ANOVA, ANCOVA, logistic regression, we have added: discriminant analysis, K-nearest neighbors, support vector machine, and lasso regression.
  • New performance indicators to compare the different models.

For classification: accuracy, precision sensitivity, number of correct classified, number of misclassified, and F-score.

For regression: mean absolute error (MAE), mean square error (MSE), R², adjusted R², Akaike's AIC, and Schwarz's SBC.

Follow our example to get started with this feature.

This new feature is available under the menu item Machine Learning (Premium and Forecasting solutions)



XGBoost (extreme gradient boosting) is a machine learning model based on sequential ensemble learning and decision trees.

Explore this new feature based on boosting. Gradient boosting is a method that stands out for its speed and prediction accuracy, especially for large and complex datasets. It is one of the most powerful machine learning techniques for building predictive models.

The confusion plot is an XLSTAT innovation, that allows you to see the confusion matrix at a glance. Read more about it on our XLSTAT blog. 

Follow our example and start running your first XGBoost model.

This improved feature is available under the menu (Premium and Forecasting solutions).


How to install this update?

Version 2022.4 gives you access to all the new features mentioned above. Installation of our new version is recommended for all users.

If you are currently using our trial version or have a valid XLSTAT license, you can download the new version for free here.

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