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May 2024

Data Is the New Oil: Developing Business Insights with Statistics Software in Excel

Learn three key scenarios for using Excel statistics software to conduct statistical analysis for business from Dr. Abdey's webinar, Business Insights Through Data Using Excel.

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XLSTAT Statistics Software New Version: A Smarter, Better, Faster User Experience

The new version of XLSTAT statistics software features a new navigation ribbon, faster software speed, and easy access to analyses and resources.

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April 2024

XLSTAT - Oil and Gas.png

Four Ways XLSTAT’s Excel Data Analysis Can Help Oil & Gas Companies Improve Operations

To stay profitable, oil & gas executives must effectively manage operational challenges such as unplanned downtime, transportation delays, and regulatory compliance. This blog explores four ways XLSTAT data analysis can help to address these challenges and improve business operations.

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March 2024

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Enhancing Marketing Tactics with XLSTAT’s Advanced Analysis Features

Make better informed marketing decisions with this guide to advanced analytics in XLSTAT. This blog outlines five advanced analysis features in XLSTAT that can improve marketing results.

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ARIMA Blog_February.png

How to Use ARIMA for Forecasting and Simulation Analyses

The need for forecasting and simulation tools that provide accurate insights has never been more critical. Read our blog to learn how ARIMA can help.

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XLSTAT Blog_Hypothesis Testing_February-3.png

6 Steps for Conducting Hypothesis Testing with XLSTAT

Hypothesis testing is a useful statistical analysis to guide research and drive decisions. This article explores the purpose of hypothesis testing and identifies six easy steps to get started inside Excel.

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February 2024

Expediting Time to Insights XLSTAT_February.png

Expediting Time to Insights with Excel

XLSTAT lets businesses rapidly transform raw data into actionable insights with Excel. This blog outlines why XLSTAT is beneficial and some common use cases.

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January 2024


How to Make the Most of Your Data with XLSTAT Statistical Software

Statistical software can save organizations critical time and resources through efficient, automated processes. This article highlights the use cases and benefits of the powerful statistical software XLSTAT.

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XLSTAT New Release: Accelerate Your Market Research

Make more informed product decisions and improve your overall market research experience with the latest version of XLSTAT.

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