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October 2023

XLSTAT New Release: Easy Visualization and Better Marketing Insights Now Available

Automatic Data Visualization, Tornado Diagram, Back-to-Back Histogram, PROCESS, Sample Size Calculation and XGBOOST.

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August 2023

XLSTAT New Version: Go Further and Save Time in Your Sensory Data Analysis

If you’re struggling with deep sensory data analysis or spending excess time adapting your sensory data format, these new XLSTAT features are for you!

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July 2023

XLSTAT Improved Features: Easily Analyze Moderation, Mediation, and Time Series

With XLSTAT’s advanced PROCESS, EEMD, Time Series, MFA, and Semantic Chart features, you can test mediation and moderation hypotheses, perform advanced time series analyses, and improve the quality of your visualizations.

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April 2023

XLSTAT New Version: Unleash Your Data’s Potential within Microsoft Excel!

A new version of XLSTAT is available with advanced features – ensuring that you can unlock the full potential of your data from day one.

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February 2023

Co-Design with Our Users: Analyzing Performance in a CATA Experiment and Further Developing CATATIS with Givaudan

Our R&D and Engineering teams are always working to bring new ergonomic functionalities and innovative statistical tools to XLSTAT. Many of these developed or improved features come from user requests or as a solution to a specific use case. The CATATIS feature is one of them.

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XLSTAT New Version: Understand Emotions Aroused by Text with Sentiment Analysis and Term Selection

A new version of XLSTAT is available! Thanks to a partnership with a large global cosmetic company, we were able to develop the new Sentiment Analysis and Term Selection for Text Mining features.

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