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December 2022

XLSTAT New Version: You help make XLSTAT better for everyone

A new version of XLSTAT is available! Update your XLSTAT now to benefit from new features and new outputs.

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November 2022

Reduce uncertainty with our new forecasting tools: XGBoost and Easy Fit / Easy Predict

A new XLSTAT version is available for our Premium and Forecasting users!

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October 2022

New XLSTAT version for Sensory features

A new update of XLSTAT is available, offering new possibilities to those working in the field of sensory analysis.

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September 2022

MyXLSTAT: A new user interface is available

MyXLSTAT offers you a better experience with a complete overview of your licenses and seats, as well as improved management tools for more flexibility.

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August 2022

Get useful Insights with our new Marketing Features

A new version of XLSTAT Marketing is now available! Three new features have been added to help you conduct surveys and summarize their results.

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July 2022

Sensory analysis - New XLSTAT E-learning course

Do you want to become an expert in sensory analysis, refresh your knowledge, learn at your own pace without constraint? Discover our brand new sensory analysis training course.

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June 2022

New XLSTAT version for Data Modeling

A new XLSTAT update is available, offering new possibilities for data modeling and predictions: Lasso Regression, Ridge Regression and Elastic Net.

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April 2022

XLSTAT Sensory - Make the right decisions before launching your products

Thanks to your valuable feedback and to the work of our R&D team, we have developed and improved three sensory analysis XLSTAT tools: projective mapping data analysis, liking data analysis and sensory discrimination tests.

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March 2022

New version for Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering (AHC)

We developped new truncation methods, extra graphs, as well as the possibility to color your dendrograms according to groups.

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February 2022

New version for Statistical Process Control (SPC)

This version offers new functionalities for quality control agents and other industrial specialists who carry out Statistical Process Controls.

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XLSTAT version 2022.1 - Data Mining

New possibilities for exploratory data analysis and clustering — whatever your field is.

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