XLSTAT For Companies

XLSTAT Annual single user licences

XLSTAT offers single user annual licenses for business users. Annual licenses are activated for a period of 12 months with an alphanumeric key and can be renewed either automatically or on-demand. To purchase and download XLSTAT annual licenses online click here.

XLSTAT Annual Concurrent Network Licences

Concurrent licenses, also known as floating licenses, allow corporations to share XLSTAT among users on a network according to a queue of demand. When a user requires a license, a request is made to a central licensing server, which in turn, either grants or rejects the request based on the availability of unused licenses. Concurrent licenses can be installed on an unlimited number of client computers, but are managed from a central server, allowing a predetermined number of simultaneous users to run the software at any given time. For detailed technical information and installation instructions related to concurrent licenses click here. Volume discounts apply. For more information about XLSTAT Concurrent Network Licences and pricing, please contact us.

XLSTAT Extended single user licences

XLSTAT Extended Single User Licences (formerly known as Perpetual Licenses) allow users to run XLSTAT for a minimum period of 3 years from the date of purchase. Extended Single User Licence include one full year of unlimited access to technical support and software updates. Once this period has expired, a Support & Maintenance package is available for users who wish to keep on accessing technical support and enjoy the benefits of new releases. Volume discounts apply. For more information on XLSTAT Extended Licenses and rates, please contact us.

XLSTAT Corporate Licences

Our corporate licensing program is designed to provide organizations with a simple purchasing process to access our entire portfolio of software, maintenance and support services as well as expert statistical assistance. For further details on our corporate licensing plans and how they can be adapted to your business, contact our sales department. Our teams will work with you to come up with licensing options adapted to your requirements. Comprehensive corporate packages are available to businesses that require multiple licenses, training programs, custom software development and consulting services. For more information, please contact us.