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XLSTAT-Life is a statistical complement for survival analysis and for method comparison and validation. This analytical software solution provides you with mainstream methods such as survival analysis using Kaplan-Meier analysis. It can also take into account competing risks with cumulative incidence, explanatory variables with Cox proportional hazards and parametric survival model, and the Nelson-Aalen method for estimating the hazard functions. ROC curves and sensitivity analysis are part of this module. Data analysis of different populations has never been easier!


Life Features


  • Easy and user-friendly
    Easy and user-friendly XLSTAT is flawlessly integrated with Microsoft Excel which is the most popular spreadsheet worldwide. This integration makes it one of the simplest available tools to work with as it utilizes the same philosophy as Microsoft Excel. The program is accessible in a dedicated XLSTAT tab. The analyses are grouped into functional menus. The dialog boxes are user-friendly and setting up an analysis is straightforward.
  • Data and results shared seamlessly
    Data and results shared seamlessly One of the greatest advantages of XLSTAT is the way you can share data and results seamlessly. As the results are stored in Microsoft Excel, anyone can access them. There is no need for the receiver to have an XLSTAT license or any additional viewer which makes your team-work easier and more affordable. In addition, results are easily integrable into other Microsoft Office software such as PowerPoint, so that you can create striking presentation in minutes.
  • Modular
    Modular XLSTAT is a modular product. XLSTAT-Pro is a core statistical module of XLSTAT which includes all the mainstream functionalities in statistics and multivariate analysis. More advanced features contained in add-on modules can be added for specific applications. This way you can adapt the software to your needs making the software more cost-efficient.
  • Didactic
    Didactic The results of XLSTAT are organized by analysis and are easy to navigate. Moreover useful information is provided along with the results to assist you in your interpretation.
  • Affordable
    Affordable XLSTAT is a complete and modular analytical solution that can suit any analytical business needs. It is very reasonably priced so that the return of your investment is almost immediate. Any XLSTAT license comes with top level support and assistance.
  • Accessible - Available in many languages
    Accessible - Available in many languages We have ensured XLSTAT is accessible to everyone by making the program available in many languages, including Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • Automatable and customizable
    Automatable and customizable Most of the statistical functions available in XLSTAT can be called directly from the Visual Basic window of Microsoft Excel. They can be modified and integrated to more code to fit to the specificity of your domain. Adding tables and plots as well as modifying existing outputs becomes easy. Furthermore, XLSTAT includes some special tools on the dialog boxes to generate automatically the VBA code in order to reproduce your analysis using the VBA editor or to simply load pre-set settings. This effortless automation of routine analysis will be a huge time saver on your part.

System configuration

  • Windows:
    • Versions: 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8
    • Excel: 97 and later
    • Processor: 32 or 64 bits
    • Hard disk: 150 Mb
  • Mac OS X:
    • OS: OS X
    • Excel: X, 2004 and 2011
    • Hard disk: 150Mb.
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  • John Petkov, University of South Australia While I have never been a fan of Excel for statistical analysis and have discouraged its use, XLSTAT takes things to a whole new level. The algorithms are robust and the ease of use is exceptionally easy. The help feature is also extensive and thorough. I have recommended this software to my colleagues and I would say that XLSTAT is my software of choice for many of my analyses. Thank you for an excellent product.

  • Dr. Roger Winkle I chose XLSTAT for its ease of use with Excel, the very good graphics output and the ability to easily edit the graphics for publication quality figures. As an MD researcher, I really liked the package with all of the medical stats options available at a price about 1/5th of STS.

  • Damien Pruneau, PepsiCo I compared XLSTAT to the software that were already in my company in terms of range of tests, ease-of-use and possibility of controlling details of the analysis as well as the ouptuts (tables and graphs) and decided to buy it. I chose XLSTAT as it is the most complete statistical software, especially for sensory analysis with the dedicated module.

  • Vladimir Babenko, Institute of Cytology and Genetics I tried XLSTAT through several trial versions and I chose XLSTAT because it's just what I wanted. I have recommended XLSTAT to my colleagues as it is the closest solution to my environment (Life Science). I like the fact that XLSTAT uses Excel spreadsheet and offers good examples.

  • Jeff Aucott, Mining Exploration and Geosystem Associates – MEGA Before deciding on buying XLSTAT I checked about three statistics packages. I chose XLSTAT as it is Excel based, and has a good selection of programs for processing geochemical and mining data. I have recommended it to several mining companies as it is a good package especially for geologists using the software in decision making for mining and exploration.

  • James C. McGrath, Director of Research I found XLSTAT in 2007 while searching on the web. I was looking for a statistical add-in for Excel to integrate with our internal models we developed for hedge fund research and allocations. XLSTAT was a great discovery. It seemed like an easy choice as the software has a fair price, a rich feature set, is stable, and allows for API-based interactions. It is a great product that I have already recommended to acquaintances who do similar quantitative analysis in Excel.