XLSTAT 2012.6

Addinsoft is pleased to make it's users happy. That's our everyday mission. Once again, we are releasing a new version for which 90% of the new content is simply what users asked us to add.

XLSTAT-Pro now includes the ordinal logit model in the logistic regression tool. XLSTAT-MX Product characterization and Panel analysis features have been improved with more options for more insight. XLSTAT-Life includes a new plot for Kaplan Meier analysis and new options for parametric survival regression and curves. XLSTAT-PLSPM displays now bootstrap results for correlation between latent variables. XLSTAT-Power now includes power and sample size calculation for the Mann-Whitney, the sign and Wilcoxon signed rank tests.

And there is more to come soon!


This module focuses on Analysis of Variance, but this technique makes assumptions about the underlying distributions in our data

This course covers the excellent features in XLSTAT for investigating, visualising and modelling data sets with measurements on many variables.

This short course delivered online will show consumer scientists how to set up and learn about the routines available in XLSTAT for relating consumer acceptability to sensory/analytic measures.


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