Maxdiff - Best Worst scaling – Theory and Practice, January 14

Learn Maxdiff / Best Worst scaling – Theory and Practice with XLSTAT Marketing

Maxdiff / Best Worst scaling – Theory and Practice

As well as the live lecture and workshop, the package includes a pdf of the lecture notes and email support whilst you are completing the workshop after the course for up to 2 weeks. More than just a recorded webinar and as close to face-to-face training as it can be!

Maxdiff / Best Worst scaling – Training program

1.5 hours (2.30-4.00pm)

  • Motivation for use
  • Designing the study – number of choices per set, number of choice sets, allocation of sets to respondents. Potential traps
  • Analysis of resulting data
    • Simple counting
    • Conditional logistic modelling – theory and interpretation of model parameters
  • Interpretation of results
  • Clustering Respondents
  • Alternative methods – Conjoint analysis, simple choice modelling

There will also be a demonstration of the Qi apps for designing and analysing MAXDIFF studies, with more flexible designs and additional analyses included as part of the training.

Maxdiff (also known as Best/Worst Scaling) is a technique widely offered by market research companies. This workshop explains the different contexts where each technique is useful, considers aspects of design including sample size, consumer presentation issues and constraints. The modelling of data from these studies is illustrated using XLSTAT software.

Note: to run the exercises in XLSTAT yourself you will need to licence XLSTAT Marketing (a two-week trial licence is available from XLSTAT)



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Anne Hasted

Anne Hasted est consultante senior chez Qi Statistics Ltd, un cabinet de consultants basé au Royaume-Uni qui offre un portefeuille complet de soutien statistique à travers la formation, l'analyse de données, l'accompagnement de projet et le développement de logiciels. Elle est statisticien agréé avec plus de 25 années d'expérience de conseil dans un large éventail d'entreprises. Elle a animé des ateliers de formation dans le monde entier et est reconnu pour fournir des sessions de formation "conviviale".