XLSTAT version 2019.2.2

Our new version XLSTAT 2019.2.2 is now available! 

XLSTAT 2019.2.2 is a maintenance release which will allow you to access improvements, advanced options and increase the performance of your software. Installing this version is recommended for all users.

How to get XLSTAT 2019.2.2?

If you are currently using our trial version or you have a valid license, you can download this version at:

If you have a perpetual license, but no longer have access to upgrades and maintenance, you can order an upgrade through your MyXLSTAT portal or contact our sales team

What's new?

Matrix operator

A handy tool for engineers, scientists or teachers or anyone who want to carry out operations on matrices. The following operations can be performed:

  • Matrix Multiplication
  • Matrix Addition
  • Matrix Subtraction
  • Matrix Inversion
  • Transposition 

Click here to see an example.

The Matrix Operator tool can be found under the Mathematical Tools XLSTAT menu. Available in all XLSTAT-Solutions

Cochran Q test

The Critical difference (Sheskin) method has been added for pairwise comparisons. In addition, it is now possible to display a proportions chart as well as a distribution chart. 

Click here to see an example.

Cochran’s Q test can be accessed under the Nonparametric tests XLSTAT menu. Available in all XLSTAT-Solutions

Passing Bablok

A new estimation method (Part III) has been added. This method developed by Bablok et al. in 1988 is an improvement of the method known as Part I. It is more robust and can be used to compare two methods measured on different scales with possibly a negative correlation between X and Y.

In addition, you can now import large text file (csv or txt) and run a Passing Bablok regression on millions of data. Simply launch the Passing Bablok dialog box and click on the mouse button to change the data selection mode.

Click here to see an example.

Passing Bablok regression can be accessed under the Method and Validation XLSTAT menu. Available in XLSTAT-Biomed and XLSTAT-Premium.