XLSTAT-Pro is Now Available via the OnTheHub Academic eStore

Addinsoft is pleased to announce that XLSTAT-Pro, our core statistical software, is now available for download via the OnTheHub eStore thanks to our new partnership with e-academy. Students can choose from 6- or 12-month rentals.

XLSTAT-Pro is a statistical add-in to Microsoft Excel. It provides the user with all the necessary tools to do statistics and multivariate data analysis in the familiar environment of Excel. For detailed feature descriptions and tutorials, visit http://www.xlstat.com/en/products/xlstat-pro/

“This partnership with e-academy is a way to put forward our core value — ensuring access to statistical methods to everyone. With the increasing amount of data to analyze, people will need an easy-to-use and affordable alternative in their everyday work tasks; this is exactly what we provide,” says Thierry Fahmy, CEO of Addinsoft.

Many companies throughout the world use XLSTAT as it is the most accessible statistical software around. This new distribution channel will offer the opportunity to students to get familiar with XLSTAT and a wide range of statistical methods and therefore be prepared for working life.

XLSTAT-Pro is available for download to verified students, starting at just $29 USD for a 6-month rental. Visit OnTheHub.

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