Where you will find XLSTAT in 2017

In 2017, the XLSTAT team has decided to broaden the conferences, conventions and meetings scope it will attend and support. Our goal is to show that statistical analysis can be easy within any field where data are an important source of information.

We would be more than pleased to see you at one of the following events we will attend or support in 2017:

Printemps des Etudes

Paris, France, 20-21 April


Conférence de l'Association Française du Marketing

Tours, France, 17-19 May


European Decision Sciences Institute

Granada, Spain, 29 May-1 June


Making Effective Decisions: Teaching Statistics to Students of Business

Bordeaux, France, 8-9 June


International Conference on PLS and related methods

Macau, China, 17-19 June


Joint Statistical Meetings

Baltimore, Maryland, 31 July-3 August


American Psychological Association annual convention

Washington D.C., 3-6 August



Providence, Rhode Island, 20-24 August


AMEE International Association for Medical Association conference

Helsinki, Finland, 26-30 August


ESOMAR Congress 2017

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 10-13 September


INFORMS annual meeting

Houston, Texas, 22-25 October


Decision Sciences Institute Annual Meeting

Washington D.C., 18-21 November

Últimos eventos

This module focuses on Analysis of Variance, but this technique makes assumptions about the underlying distributions in our data

This course covers the excellent features in XLSTAT for investigating, visualising and modelling data sets with measurements on many variables.

This short course delivered online will show consumer scientists how to set up and learn about the routines available in XLSTAT for relating consumer acceptability to sensory/analytic measures.

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