Making Effective Decisions: Teaching Statistics to Students of Business presentation slides


#TSSBConf presentation files are online

XLSTAT organized the Making Effective Decision: Teaching Statistics to Students of Business in Bordeaux, France, on June 8-9, 2017, with the support of the SFdS association, the Data, Analytics and Statistics Instructions group from DSI, EDSI, and the Association Française de Marketing.

The conference gathered Professors and consultants with extensive experience in teaching, as well as experts in neurosciences, and representatives from various analytics and statistical software.

Most presentation slides are now available below:

Richard Dick De Veaux, Williams College - Opening Session: Statistics for Decision Making in the twenty-first century

Galina Andreeva, University of Edinburgh Business School - Using real data in teaching statistics: a case study of the coursework for Masters students

Robert Andrews, Virginia Commonwealth University - Lessons learned from and about Teaching Statistics in a Business School

Wilma Andrews, Virginia Commonwealth University - Enhancing the Value of Analysis through Effective Communication

Wilma Andrews, Virginia Commonwealth University - Presentation Resources Handout

Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva & Philippe Reynet, KEDGE Business School - Rethinking  a core curriculum in statistics for business students

Guillaume Chevillon & Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi, ESSEC Business School - How Analytics modifies teaching statistics in Business schools: the ESSEC case

Leon Cygman, Mount Royal University - Teaching learner-centered statistics: a case for blended delivery using Google Apps

Rickard Enstroem, MacEwan University - Using group projects to engage business students in learning statistics and making it a meaningful experience

Theodoros Evgeniou, INSEAD - Statistics and analytics for MBA - the INSEAD experience

Thierry Fahmy, Addinsoft - Empowering the future business analyst with tailor-made solutions

Anne Hasted, Qi Statistics - Experiences and approaches to teaching statistics to consumer scientists

Emmanuel Jakobowicz, Stat4Decision - Teaching advanced analytics in business: the example of Structural Equation Modeling

Samah Karaki & Marc Turiault, the Social Brain Institute - How Educational Neurosciences can help teaching statistics

Renaud Lunardo, KEDGE Business School - On the benefits of using the Process Macro to test statistical models in data analysis classes

Mélanie Motts, Weenove - Data Visualization, an attractive tool to support statistical teaching in Business Schools

Bertram Schaefer, StatCon - Teaching Statistics using Activity Elements

Michelle Sisto, EDHEC Global MBA - Be a Whiz in Biz and Viz: Bringing visualization to the EDHEC MBA

Richard Dick De Veaux, Williams College - Conference Wrap-Up Random Thoughts

Group Picture at Château Haut Bailly

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