Compatibility with Mac OS 10.8, Windows 8 and Office 2013

XLSTAT 2012.5 is the first version of XLSTAT (and the only Excel add-on as of today) to be compatible with Excel 2013, Windows 8 and Mac OS Mountain Lion (10.8) that have just been released or announced by Microsoft and Apple.

XLSTAT-Pro now includes notched box plots in the univariate plots function. It is now possible to display up to 40 box plots on the same chart in Excel 2007 and 2010. You can also make the width of the box plot vary with the sample size. Multivariate normal samples can now be generated with the sampling tool. XLSTAT-Life has been enhanced with the parametric survival curve and regression tools, which includes the Weibull regression model.The Ridge RGCCA mode is available in XLSTAT-PLSPM . It allows to automatically optimize the parameters of a RGCCA model.

          Windows 8 compatible                   Windows Server 2012 certified

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