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septiembre 2012

Conjoint analysis made easy thanks to XLSTAT-Conjoint

Conjoint analysis made easy!

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XLSTAT 2012.6

You ask, we deliver!

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agosto 2012

Compatibility with Mac OS 10.8, Windows 8 and Office 2013

XLSTAT is compatible with your future

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julio 2012

XLSTAT Award at Sensometrics 2012

The XLSTAT Best Young Researcher Award goes to...

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junio 2012

The 11th Sensometrics Conference

XLSTAT at Sensometrics 2012

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mayo 2012

XLSTAT 2012.4

From science to usefulness

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abril 2012

XLSTAT 2012.3

XLSTAT 2012.3 - Save time!

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febrero 2012

XLSTAT 2012.2

Wow... new features again!

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enero 2011

XLSTAT 2012.1

New XLSTAT version 2012.1! Go several steps further...

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