Visualisation and Analysis of Sensory & Consumer Data Using XLSTAT, Brisbane Australia, 7-9 Feb 2018

Visualisation and Analysis of Sensory and Consumer data using XLSTAT, 3-Day training

From basic data visualization and significance testing to CATA and Multiple Factor Analysis, this course spans mainstream methods used in Sensometrics and Consumer data analysis

Course program

  • Warm Up – Visualising Data before Statistical Analysis
  • Statistical Significance
  • Visualising Products in Multivariate Space
  • Consumer Segmentation
  • Cluster Validation and Visualisation
  • JAR Scales and Penalty Analysis
  • Correspondence Analysis
  • CATA Data and Impact Analysis
  • Multiple Factor Analysis



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Brisbane Australia

Trainers' profiles

Anne Hasted

Anne is senior consultant at Qi Statistics Ltd, a UK based consultancy offering a full portfolio of statistical support through training, data analysis, project consultancy and software development. She is a chartered statistician with over 25 years of consultancy experience in a wide range of companies. She has run training workshops worldwide and is recognised for providing “user friendly” training.