Introductory statistics course using XLSTAT-Base, Paris dec 14-16, 2015 (French)

Subscribe to this statistics training course illustrated with XLSTAT-Base that will be held in Paris in French. You will learn the basics of descriptive statistics, multivariate data analysis (PCA, CA, AHC), statistical modeling (ANOVA, regression) as well as statistical tests (parametric and nonparametric). All of those essential features will be illustrated using the XLSTAT-Base solution.

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Introductory statistics course with XLSTAT Software, 3 days training

This training goes through the data analysis methods which are most commonly used in industry today. The course is organized in a way that allows participants to study the descriptive and explanatory data analysis, modeling, and hypothesis testing methods, by understanding the objectives, the implementation and the interpretation of each method. Many examples are presented and explained to enable participants to become familiar with the practice of data analysis with XLSTAT.

DAY 1: Getting started with XLSTAT and Describing data

  • Introduction to XLSTAT
  • Preparing and managing data: coding data
  • Describing data: qualitative and quantitative data, descriptive statistics, and contingency tables.

DAY 2: Multivariate data analysis and Regression

  • Analyzing multivariate data: Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Hierarchical Clustering Analysis (HCA), Correspondence Analysis, and Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA).
  • Modeling data: simple linear regression, multiple linear regression, analysis of variance, and covariance analysis.

DAY 3: Statistical tests and machine learning

  • Statistical hypothesis testing: parametric tests, non-parametric tests, and association tests.
  • Machine learning methods.
  • Tips and tricks to be more effective.



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Paris France

Trainers' profiles

Emmanuel Jakobowicz

Founder of Stat4decision

With more than 15 years of experience in data-oriented projects, Emmanuel Jakobowicz is passionate about data science and entrepreneurship. He founded Stat4decision to propose a new way of assisting people in exploring their data. He owns a PhD in applied statistics and computer science. He also is an engineer in mathematics specialized in machine learning. His work experience includes research and development at Electricité de France and software development at Addinsoft XLSTAT where he was a partner, CTO, Chief Scientist, consultant and trainer for large companies, research institutes and universities.