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Testing for Mediation and Moderation using the PROCESS Macro, April 6, 2023

Pr. Renaud Lunardo will discuss how the Process macro can help social & business researchers test mediating and/or moderating effects using a Marketing application. QA session will follow.








Testing for Mediation and Moderation using the PROCESS Macro

The emphasis will be first made on the theoretical rationale for such effects, but also, importantly, on how to conduct the analysis and report the results.

Table of Contents:

  • The concepts of moderation and mediation
  • The Macro PROCESS Hayes: definition and advantages
  • An application in the field of marketing using XLSTAT
  • QA session


Renaud Lunardo

Webinar speaker


Renaud Lunardo is a Senior Professor of Marketing at Kedge BS in Bordeaux (France). His research interests focus mainly on the influence of marketing stimuli on consumer perceptions and emotions, on food and wine, on hospitality, and on pro-social behavior. Although varied, his different research interests have in common that they focus on the behavior of the consumer, or more generally of the individual (seller, buyer...). He also carries out consulting missions for external companies, mainly in the wine, tourism, and luxury sectors.

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