Combine the power of XLSTAT, R and Microsoft Excel®

XLSTAT-R is a revolutionary interface designed to use and write R procedures within XLSTAT dialog boxes in Microsoft Excel®. End-users take complete advantage of the unlimited R possibilities without even leaving Microsoft Excel where their data are stored.

XLSTAT-R is part of all paid XLSTAT solutions as well as the Trial version*.

With XLSTAT-R, you are able to:

  • Call many R procedures on your data in Excel. The procedures appear in the form of user-friendly XLSTAT dialog boxes calling both R and XLSTAT in the background;
  • Benefit from the user-friendly Excel interface to select your data and customize your output.
  • Edit your own combined R and XLSTAT procedures within XLSTAT dialog boxes using XML code templates.

XLSTAT-R features available

XLSTAT-R currently includes features used in a wide variety of fields such as panel regression (econometrics), adonis (ecology), neural nets and self-organizing maps (machine learning) and more.

List of features:

  • Almost Ideal Demand System (AIDS)
  • Dissimilarity matrix for mixed data
  • Partitioning Around Medoids
  • Michaelis Menten 
  • Dip test for unimodality
  • Foreign file formats
  • General additive models
  • Ridge, Elastic net and Lasso 
  • Geostatistics
  • Independent Component Analysis
  • Kohonen SOM
  • Granger causality test
  • Neural networks
  • Panel regression
  • Violin plots
  • Prophet
  • Rank-Based Regression
  • Chow test for structural change
  • Stepwise Cox model selection
  • GARCH modeling
  • VAR models
  • Analysis of similarities
  • Similarity percentages 
  • Dissimilarity distances

*XLSTAT-R is available in a) all XLSTAT annual licenses and b) all perpetual licenses with a valid access to the maintenance and upgrade service.

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Tutorials for XLSTAT-R

Self-Organizing Map or SOM in Excel

Permutational MANOVA or adonis in Excel

Panel regression in Excel

Rank-based regression in Excel

Neural Networks in Excel

Deploying a simple R function in Excel using XLSTAT-R

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