Monte Carlo simulation software that makes quantitative risk analysis intuitive.

XLRISK®, a powerful Monte Carlo simulation Excel® add-in. 

XLRISK®, developed by Vose Software®, introduces many technical Monte Carlo method features that make risk models easier to build, easier to audit and test, and more precisely match the problems you face.

An XLRISK® user replaces uncertain values within their Excel® model with special XLRISK® quantitative probability distribution functions that describe the uncertainty about those values. XLRISK® then uses Monte Carlo simulation to automatically generate thousands of possible scenarios.

At the end of the Monte Carlo simulation run, which typically takes a few seconds, the results are displayed in a variety of graphical and statistical formats that will tell you things like:

  • What is the probability we will come under budget?
  • Which investment gives me the greatest return for a given level of risk?
  • How much capital do we need to be 95% sure of having enough for the project?
  • Which component configuration gives me the greatest chance of achieving a certain operation time before a failure occurs?
  • How much do we need to hold in reserve to be 90% sure of covering the risks in our business?
  • How likely are we to meet our sales forecast? 

Features Overview

  • Simulation: Monte Carlo simulation, Multiple simulation runs for scenarios, Unrestricted speed, and more. 
  • Reporting: View simulation results statistics in spreadsheet, Export results to PowerPoint, Word, PDF or Excel, Sensitivity and scenario analysis, and more. 
  • Features by number: 136 distributions, 14 correlation models, 34 time series functions.
  • Fitting: Fitting distributions to data (95), fitting correlations structures to data (11), fitting time series to data, and more. 
  • Ease-of-use features: One-click function view, @RISK and Crystal Ball converters, full help file and example models, functions descriptions in spreadsheet. 
  • Technical tools: Data Viewer, assumption and result sharing between models, extreme value tools, probability calculations, Markov chain tools, and more. 
  • Industry tools: Financial tools, insurance tools, PK/PD pharma tools. 

XLRISK® is developed by Vose Software® and distributed by Addinsoft®.


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