Tailored statistical solution

XLSTAT customization is based on the Visual Basic language of Microsoft Excel. XLSTAT uses both Visual Basic and C++ codes. Visual Basic (VBA) is a powerful language that enables you to automatize and customize your XLSTAT analysis quickly. Most of the statistical functions available in XLSTAT can be called directly from the Visual Basic window. XLSTAT includes a tool on every dialog box to generate VBA code in order to reproduce your analysis using the VBA editor. XLSTAT uses fast C++ computations to run the customized analyses.

It is thus relatively easy for you to adjust XLSTAT to the specificity of your field by adding tables and plots as well as modifying existing outputs.

In addition, Addinsoft can create a tailored Excel add-in to fit your analytical business needs. Addinsoft has successfully developed tailor-made statistical software solution for some of the largest companies in the petroleum, food, chemical, financial and pharmaceutical industries.

Automate routine analysis

In XLSTAT you have two options to save time on your analysis.

You can save the settings of a dialog box to be reused later on.

You can also generate the VBA code of a dialog box and execute it on a new dataset from the VBA editor of Microsoft Excel.

Customize XLSTAT yourself

Create your own application by combining the power of VBA and XLSTAT.

Using the Visual Basic language, customizing your outputs in order to fit to the specificity of your domain becomes easy. For example, you can automatically run many Principal Component Analyses on different groups of variables, by using XLSTAT and VBA code.