XLSTAT For academics and researchers

XLSTAT single user licenses

XLSTAT offers single-user annual licenses for researchers, academic and faculty users. Annual licenses are activated for a period of 12 months with an alphanumeric key and can be renewed automatically or on-demand.

XLSTAT Concurrent licenses

Concurrent, also called floating licenses effectively shares XLSTAT software among users (clients) on a network according to a queue of demand; When a user requires a license, a request is made to a central license server, which in turn either grants the request to the client or refuses it according to availability of free licenses. Concurrent licences can be installed in an unlimited number of client computers and are authorized by an activation key in the server, allowing a pre-set number of sessions. Academic and volume discounts available. For detailed information about installation and setup or more information about Academic XLSTAT Concurrent Network licenses and pricing please contact us.

XLSTAT multi-user licenses

XLSTAT offers annual multi-user licenses for public and academic research labs and faculty. Annual licenses are activated for a period of 12 months. They can be renewed automatically (auto-renewal linked to a credit card) or on demand (by placing a purchase order). Unlike the concurrent license, each user is independent of the others and free to use XLSTAT whenever he/she wants. Click here to purchase a license or generate a quote. For more information on our multi-user XLSTAT licenses and pricing, please contact us.

Classroom XLSTAT licenses

XLSTAT Campus Classroom packages are intended for professors who wish to use the XLSTAT software in a single classroom environment. XLSTAT Campus Classroom Packages allow universities to install the software on up to 50 computers, making it an ideal introductory package for professors and schools seeking to use XLSTAT on a limited scale. For more information on XLSTAT Campus Classroom Packages and pricing plans, please contact us.

Multi-year XLSTAT licenses

If you are looking to purchase an extended license or multi-year license, please contact us.

Perpetual XLSTAT licenses

Although we understand that some of our users may like the idea of owning a perpetual license, we do not recommend this licensing option. Because operating systems and MS Excel versions constantly evolve, we are unable to guarantee long term compatibility. Annual licenses on the other hand, will give you constant access to updates and allow you to run the software not matter your which operating system or Excel version you use. For more information on our perpetual XLSTAT licenses and pricing, please contact us.

Small Campus Package - Licences for < 250 seats

XLSTAT Small Campus packages are tailored statistical solutions specifically designed for universities and institutes. XLSTAT offers an annual Small Campus Package that allows academic institutions to install XLSTAT on up to 250 computers. XLSTAT Small Campus Packages are flexible and adaptable and offer professors and students an advanced, yet user-friendly data analysis and statistical solution, at an affordable price. With the XLSTAT Small Campus Package, equip your labs, classrooms and entire teaching body with any XLSTAT solution. A minimum of 50 users is required. Licences can be deployed on a single user basis or run on a network. For more information about XLSTAT Campus licences and pricing plans, please contact us.

Large Campus Package for > 250 seats

XLSTAT Large Campus packages were designed for universities looking to deploy the software at a wider scale. With an unlimited number of installations available, the XLSTAT Large Campus Package is ideal for academic institutions seeking to rollout XLSTAT across their campuses. XLSTAT offers an annual campus license than can be accessed by the entire student body as well as the teaching staff, all at extremely competitive rates. With the Large Campus Package, equip various schools and classrooms, and allow your entire teaching body can access the software. A minimum of 250 users is required. Licences can be deployed on individual computers or in a network environment. For more information about XLSTAT Large Campus packages and pricing plans, please contact us.