XLSTAT version 2020.3



XLSTAT 2020.3 is now available! What’s new?

This popular decision-making tool is a probabilistic graphical model that allows you to reveal causal relationships between variables via an acyclic-oriented graph. Bayesian networks offer a wide range of applications including; financial fraud analysis, medical diagnoses, market research, and consumer behavior studies. 

Access this new feature under the "Bayesian Networks" menu.

Use this dynamic visualization tool to plot the evolution of a numerical variable in different groups and over time. You can move forward or backward over time using the play and back buttons, stop the animation using the pause button, and even adjust the speed of the animation.

Access this feature under the "Visualizing Data" menu.

In addition to fitting a single model, it is now possible to:

Fit and display several models in a single run or fit several models and only display the results of the best model (based on AIC). Choose your preferred option under the Functions tab of the Nonlinear regression feature.

Access this feature under the "Modeling Data" menu.

Three new graphical options are now available for quantitative variables: mean charts with error bars, user-defined grouped boxplots and boxplots sorted by mean in descending order.

Access this feature under the "Describing Data" menu.

Use a group variable (layer) to create a contingency table for three qualitative variables, also known as a three-way crosstab, and run a Chi-square test for each group.

The pairwise deletion option has been added to manage missing values. 

Grouped and stacked bar charts are two new graphs.

Access this feature under the "Preparing Data" menu.

You can now easily view charts on Macs or other computers on which XLSTAT is not installed by activating the option Mac compatible or shareable charts in the XLSTAT-Options dialog box under the XLSTAT Menu. 

Certain XLSTAT procedures generate hidden sheets after launching an analysis. XLSTAT can now automatically remove these sheets when they are no longer used. To access this option, simply activate the option Delete hidden sheets when they are no longer used in the XLSTAT-Options dialog box.

How to get XLSTAT 2020.3?

Version 2020.3 will give you access to all the above improvements, advanced options and increase the performance of your software. Installing our new version is recommended for all users.

If you are currently using our trial version or have a valid license, you can download version 2020.3 for free at:

If you have a perpetual license without access to free upgrades and maintenance, please order an upgrade via your MyXLSTAT portal or contact us for further information.

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