XLSTAT version 2019.3.2


Our new version XLSTAT 2019.3.2 is now available! What’s new? 


In all XLSTAT solutions:

New graphic capabilities are available for a more interactive visualization:

- Display different scale values of quantitative variables on the Y axis

- Use different line style and legends for descriptive statistics

- Possibility to highlight a specific group on the chart

This feature can be found under the Visualizing data XLSTAT menu. 

In XLSTAT Marketing & Premium:

Including too many questions when designing a MaxDiff survey may lead to respondent fatigue or confusion. The latest XLSTAT version offers the possibility to use a different question set per group of respondents for your MaxDiff analysis.  

This feature can be found under the Conjoint Analysis XLSTAT menu. 

In XLSTAT Sensory & Premium:

The detection of possible ideal points and admission zone has been added. In addition, it is now possible to perform a preliminary transformation of the data based on PLS regression on the top of PCA and standardisation options.

The CAP (Control of Assessor Performances) table has been added. Display this table to synthesize the majority of the Panel analysis results and obtain a high amount of information on product discrimination, as well as on the agreement and repeatability of judges. 

A new multiple pairwise procedure, based on Critical Difference (Sheskin), can be chosen when running Cochran's Q test on the Assessors x Products table. The results are displayed in a separate table for each attribute. 

These features can be found under the Sensory data analysis XLSTAT menu. 

In XLSTAT Life Sciences & Premium:

- Possibility to import high volume csv or txt files and select your data from a list of variables.

- The survival curves are now drawn as a step function in Life table analysis. 

These features can be found under the Survival analysis XLSTAT menu. 

How to get XLSTAT 2019.2.3?

XLSTAT 2019.2.3 will allow you to access improvements, advanced options and increase the performance of your software. Installing this version is recommended for all users.

If you are currently using our trial version or you have a valid license, you can download this version at:

If you have a perpetual license without access to free upgrades and maintenance, you can order an upgrade via the My XLSTAT portal or contact us for further information. 

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