XLSTAT version 2018.7


Our latest version is now available! What's new?

In all XLSTAT solutions:

Use this decision aid method to analyze complex multi-criteria problems. The method used is to simplify the problem by breaking it down into a hierarchical system. Thomas Saaty created it in the 1970s. Available under the Decision Aid menu.

You can now upload large data files which exceed the standard Excel worksheet size (1,048,576 rows by 16,384 columns in Excel 2016). This new data import tool is currently available within the Data Management Meature. Available under the Preparing Data menu.

The Information Gain (entropy) quality measure, used to split a node, has been added along with the complexity parameter (CP) stop criterion for C&RT classification trees. Available under the Machine Learning menu.

In XLSTAT-Marketing:

Ideal for market researchers, this tool will help you to identify the optimal price for a product or service. This method, introduced by Van Westendorp, consists of conducting a survey with the help of a consumer panel and asking them how they perceive the price of a specific product. Available under the Marketing Tools menu.


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