XLSTAT version 2018.6

XLSTAT version 2018.6 is available for download! 

New statistical features and options

  • Fuzzy K-means: An unsupervised clustering algorithm for organising large data sets into groups. It can be used for document classification and many other applications. Available in all XLSTAT solutions under the Machine Learning menu.

  • Conjoint Survey Design: It is now possible to generate different question sets for different respondent groups in conjoint surveys. Available in XLSTAT-Marketing under the Conjoint Analysis menu.

  • Johnson Transformation: Transform your data into a normal distribution using the Johnson method. It can be used for data including zero and negative values. Available in all XLSTAT solutions under the Preparing Data menu.

  • Temporal Dominance of Sensations: New options are available for defining either automatically or manually the smoothness of a TDS curve. Available in XLSTAT-Sensory under the Sensory data analysis menu.