XLSTAT version 2018.5


XLSTAT version 2018.5 is available for download! 

New statistical features and options

  • Factorial analysis of mixed data: Explore a data table composed of quantitative and qualitative variables using the PCAmix method. 

  • ELECTRE 3: Commonly used in decision-making, this multicriteria analysis method classifies a set of solutions from the best to the worst. 

  • Importing data into Excel: SPSS, Minitab, SAS and other data format files can be now imported into Excel in few clicks. 

  • Comparison plots: Combine the power of boxplots and p-values to test the difference between two samples within a single chart. 

  • Search box: A handy tool which allows you to quickly find methods and functions within the XLSTAT menu. 

  • Multiple Correspondence Analysis: It is now possible to use the Burt table as input as well to link categories of a variable on a factorial map.

The above features and tools are available in all XLSTAT solutions.