XLSTAT-Conjoint launch and XLSTAT version 2011.3

XLSTAT-Conjoint completes Addinsoft's XLSTAT suite of statistical and analytical software. This add-in is specially cut out for marketers. Conjoint analysis is a method that helps you to find out the expectations of consumers towards new products and to model their choices – both crucial steps of a marketing analysis. Two methods of conjoint analysis are available: full profile conjoint analysis and choice based conjoint analysis (CBC).

XLSTAT-Conjoint is a complete marketing analysis program which allows you to run through all the analytical steps of conjoint analysis which can be divided into five steps:

  1. Choice of the relevant factors and their modalities to describe the products.
  2. Generation of design of experiments based on full factorial, fractional factorial, D-optimal and incomplete block designs.
  3. Collection of the results in Microsoft Excel sheets.
  4. Data analysis with specific regression methods – MONANOVA (monotone regression), multinomial logit, conditional logit, etc.
  5. Simulation of new markets with various methods: first choice, logit, Bradley-Terry-Luce, randomized first choice.

Other additions are completing other existing modules: - The KMO (Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin) statistic has been added to complement the Factor analysis and PCA tools (XLSTAT-Pro) to allow measuring the sampling adequacy. - A new map that automatically superimposes the preference map and a contour plot has been added to the External preference mapping feature of XLSTAT-MX. - XLSTAT-Dose now includes a five parameter parallel lines logistic regression function.

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