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Dear XLSTAT Users,

First of all, I would like to let you know just how privileged the Addinsoft team and I feel to be serving you.
We are happy to inform that we have just released:
- A new website (www.xlstat.com)
- A new help center (help.xlstat.com)
- A new version of XLSTAT with some entirely new features
- A new product offering

The new XLSTAT software suite looks almost the same as the one you are already familiar with, but we have repackaged our modules so that they are now available as vertical, user-oriented solutions. The biggest change is that XLSTAT-Pro has been replaced by XLSTAT-Base, which corresponds to Pro+PLS+Pivot with one feature from ADA (Principal Coordinates analysis, PCorA) and another feature from MX (Semantic differential charts). All the modules have been eliminated and are now an integral part of our new solutions.

The new solutions are Base, Premium Biomed, Ecology, Forecast, Marketing, Psy, Quality and Sensory. The Premium solution includes all the features contained in the solutions previously mentioned. The third party modules, 3DPlot, CCR and LG, remain options that you can add to any solution. For more information, please visit https://www.xlstat.com/en/solutions.

For most users, this change will also mean more features for the same amount of money. Please note that we have not raised our prices since 2009, although we have added almost 50 new features, enhanced the stability of the product, and increased the size of our team fivefold in order to develop more tools and provide you with better services. For some users, this new product offering may mean that the cost of the license might be a little higher. But we hope that given all the improvements we've made, and the fact that we remain very attractively-priced compared to our competitors, you will continue to choose XLSTAT.

And the story doesn’t end here. We are proud to announce that we are the first statistical software provider to give you access to GPU-based computations. This means that if you have an NVIDIA graphic card (Ge Force, for example), you will be able to run computations at least 10 times faster than on any standard processor. For now, this is only available for the Monte Carlo simulations in nonparametric tests. But we will be extending this capability to other features step by step.

XLSTAT is not just a user-friendly statistical macro. It is a heavy load of highly optimized c++ code and state-of-the-art technology. We aim to be not only a highly intuitive statistical solution, but also to be among the most computationally efficient analytical software on the market.

I will be getting back to you shortly with details about new partnerships, as well as a new CRM system that will allow you to easily track your history with us (orders and support).
Best regards,

Thierry Fahmy, CEO 

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Learn the basics of descriptive statistics, multivariate data analysis, tests and modeling with XLSTAT Basic+

Learn the basics of descriptive statistics, multivariate data analysis, tests and modeling with XLSTAT Basic+

Learn the basics of descriptive statistics, multivariate data analysis, tests and modeling with XLSTAT Basic+

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