XLSTAT 2007.7

Addinsoft announces the availability of version 2007.7 of XLSTAT. New features concern:

  • PCA with a new option to display biplots: XLSTAT can now automatically calculate the lengthening factor to apply to the factors in order to obtain an optimal display.
  • AHC and k-means with the possibility to center/standardize the data either by columns or by rows, whether you are clustering columns or rows.
  • Data sampling with a new option to sample data in a distribution given a series of user defined weights or probabilities.

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This module focuses on Analysis of Variance, but this technique makes assumptions about the underlying distributions in our data

This course covers the excellent features in XLSTAT for investigating, visualising and modelling data sets with measurements on many variables.

Learn the basics of descriptive statistics, multivariate data analysis, tests and modeling with XLSTAT Basic+

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